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Minecarts! 0

Wan • 3 days ago

Pheeew huge relief for me: after trying a first approach at implementing a minecart system and seeing the physics completely fail, I finally managed to put something together. Now on to actual gameplay…

Escape a rockslide using railcarts 0

Wan • 4 days ago

Here's our elevator pitch!

You're in a cave mining for diamonds, when you suddenly have to escape a rockslide. Your only chance is a nearby coal-powered railcart: use it to escape, managing your fuel by making quick stops to mine for coal… other more valuable rocks.

The theme is DEPTH 0

Wan • 4 days ago

With the theme now revealed, the 8th Alakajam! has started! Let's make games :)

Submission times

The end of the jam is depending on whether you pick ranked or unranked. You can create your game page at any time during the jam (and update it any time after it's created):

  • Ranked: February 23rd 7:00pm UTC, which means you have 48 hours (+1 hour for late entries to create their page).
  • Unranked: February 24th 10:00pm UTC, which means you have a bit more than 72 hours

Big thanks to DanaePlays and @Aurel300 for hosting the awesome launch stream! If you missed it, you can still find it on her Twitch channel.

Cool things to do during the jam

  • Write a blog post: Share your thoughts on the theme, post your progress, images of food or gifs of cute animals. You can also free to use posts for advertising live jam streams.
  • Tweet about #alakajam and follow the alakajam Twitter account
  • Initialize your game page early!

Have a nice week-end all of you, and see you on the other side!

Jam to be launched live on Twitch 0

Wan • 5 days ago

This Friday, one hour before the jam launch, DanaePlays and @Aurel300 will host a livestream! Featuring jam host @Thrainsa as a guest, it's the closest thing we have to meeting in the flesh, and also:

  • a chance for winning magnets and stickers (???),
  • for watching the top 10 themes getting eliminated live,
  • …and of course for getting 300% hyped before 48 hours of jamming!

See you on DanaePlay's Twitch channel :)

Trio tries third jam in three years 0

Wan • 13 days ago

Greetings from France, where we'll be reforming the team from last jam! Our last time together was when we worked on Arkenstone (pictured on the right), and we're hoping to have a great week-end together again.

The team

This is now the fourth jam for BalBoom, while Thrainsa and I have been guilty of numerous game jams entries on both Alakajam and Ludum Dare.

Our plans

The last jam left us with mixed feelings. On one side it was fun to make a good old "platformer-with-a-twist" for the first time in a while (we used to do those all the time for our first jams in the early 2010s). On the other hand, it proved trickier than expected this time to code the mechanics we had in mind and glue everything together into a finished game. That left little time to polish the look and feel of the game, and literally zero time for audio.

We're still discussing what kind of game we'd like to do, but the main goal is to get the scope as small as possible in terms of code - and assets ideally, to leave plenty of space for polish.

Techs we'll most certainly be using are Unity and the Reason music software, the rest will depend on the game.
Have a nice jam!

Submit your game to the tournament 0

Wan • 16 days ago

In March will be held the 6rd AKJ Tournament, where the community is invited once again to play & compete on existing jam games!

If you want to submit your own game to the event, follow this link :)

Sustain: a rhythm-based platformer 2

Wan • 1 month ago

My original plan was to add music to a past jam game, but I have this little idea for a platformer that feels easy enough to explore. It will be pretty straightforward mechanics-wise, possibly quite hard, and as the gif suggests it will be synchronized to the music.

Good news is it took under two hours to get the basics in place with Unity. It's surprising that not many games I've seen explore that kind of stuff… The closest that comes to mind is the "140" indie game, otherwise I haven't seen it in jams that much.

The gif is only an early test so possibly not representative. I'm not 100% sure where this will end, but I have in mind some danceclub-like atmosphere with a heavy electro track on top, and difficult platforming where you find gaps between constantly moving shapes to try and stay alive. Let's see what I can get!

Music Kajam to be held in January 1

Wan • 2 months ago

The 8th Kajam will start with the new year and will focus on Music!

It will be hosted by game developer and musician @Tijn (Twitter). His experience in music includes contributing songs (as Nerk) to the soundtrack of PC game My Summer Car, composing the occasional chiptune with the Adlib tracker and having a weird passion for exotic VST plugins.

Stay tuned for more details :)

Schedule of the 8th Alakajam! 1

Wan • 2 months ago

The next edition of the Alakajam! event will start on February 21th.

As always, the event is about making a game, from nothing, in a weekend. Teams or solo devs, beginners and professionals are all welcome to participate. If you opt-in to the competition, you will be ranked against every other contestant! If you prefer a more relaxed setting, the unranked jam will still give you an opportunity to get plays and comments.



Dates Phase Description
February 7, 7pm UTC Theme submission and voting You can submit theme ideas for the jam and vote for all other submissions.
February 14, 7pm UTC Theme shortlist Only the best 10 themes are kept. Rank them by order of preference in this final phase of theme voting.
February 21, 6pm UTC Countdown stream An official stream is held on Twitch bu @DanaePlays, @Aurel300 and guest @Thrainsa to launch the event!
February 21, 7pm UTC THE JAM!!! Start making a game solo or as a team, and simply submit it before the deadline!
February 23, 7pm UTC End of ranked jam The main competition ends here, exactly 48 hours after the start time. Submissions will remain open for an additional hour after the deadline.
February 24,10pm UTC End of unranked jam If you want to go for a relaxed weekend - or need more time - you can create a game in the 72 hours of the unranked jam.
March 8, 7pm UTC Results After two weeks during which all entrants are invited to play, rate and comment on other peoples games… The results are released and the winners crowned!


There are three divisions:

- Solo, in which you make a whole game alone in 48 hours
- Team, in which any number of persons can gather to make a game in 48 hours
- Unranked, a more open division which grants about 72 hours to finish the game. Useful for those not interested in the competitive aspect of the event, want to work on an existing project of theirs, or simply did not finish their game in time.

See the full rules for the Alakajam.

How to enter

All you need to do is:

  1. Create an account on this website
  2. Publish your game before the deadline

A lot of participants also post an "I am in" blog post presenting themselves or their team before the event. Describe what tools and frameworks and engines you will use to create your awesome game! Which themes do you like? Let us and the community know!

If you can, feel free to spread the word about the jam - the more we are, the merrier! glhf ;)

November is over, on to a week of feedback 0

Wan • 2 months ago

Congratulations to the authors of finished (and unfinished) Challenge entries! It can take some courage to finally brand your game as commercial and put a price tag on it. We hope this event helped some of you jump this hurdle.

Feedback week

We now have one week reserved to gather some feedback on the submissions. Everyone is invited to comment on:

  • The product itself (game quality) ;
  • The store presentation / marketing / pricing aspects.

I'll be leaving submissions open during the next week for any late entry.

Challenge winners

Any entry that made money is considered a winner! Let me know when you win to be added to this list. You also earn the right to use this badge anywhere you see fit :)

Win date Entry Author

Dec. 1st Random Sports Party @jcochet @Ilkalys

Nov. 26th Dashy no Witch @voxel

High scores

1 x12 2 x10 3 x7
# Game Score Date
Ridiculous Jump
by euske
5'10"000 June 25th 2018
PROCRASTINAIRE: Solitairy Confinement
by dorkulon , cloakedninjas , treslapin
6728 Salary June 25th 2018
Run for your Life
by Thrainsa
1135 February 1st 2019
by sebastianscaini , EternalStormfire
85 July 13th 2019
Arrow Fighter
by SpaceMonkey
25994 December 19th 2018
Hexagon Snake
by Thunraz
7650 July 13th 2019
Tombstone Boo!
by timbeaudet
1780 November 2nd 2018
Tower Control
by Tipyx
587 October 1st 2019
Double Don't
by qst0
30 Seconds December 23rd 2019
Rising Frost
by Baconinvader
4 June 28th 2018
Quick Dash
by TheTacticalBanana
335 February 5th 2019
Garbage Monger
by SavedByZero
1'15"000 August 27th 2019
by Wan , BalBoom , Thrainsa
15500 February 25th 2020
Volcanic Diver
by voxel
111.8 Depth February 25th 2020
by Teth , Takko
1854 October 19th 2018
Fish And Plastic
by Sullixou , Sewo
2009 August 25th 2019
The Lost Beans
by dollarone
288 s March 30th 2019
NEWTON: The starving snake
by Call_in , Fresh Food , Mills !
7650 October 16th 2018
Tasty Tower
by RocketRager , cbballs
8820 October 1st 2019
Paperclip Tycoon
by automatonvx
9 July 13th 2019
Illustrious Escape
by Juutis , M2tias , bradur
5'48"902 March 15th 2019
by voxel
79174 Meters October 24th 2018
by euske
26 October 17th 2018
Lollipop Ninja
by DaFluffyPotato
7'56"150 May 2nd 2018
Always Mowing
by TigerJ
3935 June 28th 2018
A.G. Hope
by Wan , Thrainsa
11 June 29th 2018
Shinobi Blocks
by dwemthy
9 March 15th 2019
Kraken Bay
by Bearsucker
59 October 18th 2019
Philosopher's Strike
by Wan , Thrainsa
31400 September 16th 2018
Minimum Damage
by toasty
13 February 2nd 2020
by rnlf
6140 October 17th 2019
Parachute Simulator X
by smbe19
0'04"320 October 16th 2019
Little Architect
by benjamin
3106 October 17th 2019
by toasty
3254 May 1st 2018
King's Feast
by Ztuu
33 July 13th 2019
by sorceress
9 Level Reached May 8th 2018
by euske
5593 May 2nd 2018
Disappainted: Master of the Invisibrush
by dorkulon , cloakedninjas , treslapin
76 % May 2nd 2018
Uncanny Ballet
by Wan
0'46"943 April 21st 2018
by Kleinzach
20350 September 3rd 2018
Thyl's Tale
by Laguna , KaramBharj , Thunraz , xXBloodyOrange
3'18"200 September 12th 2018
Whirling Blades
by DaFluffyPotato
4'41"520 September 11th 2018
Hunk Hustler
by sebastianscaini , Josh_Schwarm , Wulusi , carsonmackie
22 July 24th 2018
Fall for someone
by Ztuu
5'49"420 October 19th 2018
Quick Tiles!
by Tipyx
1'01"010 February 1st 2019
Pyramid Peril
by HuvaaKoodia , SUOMAR
89 July 24th 2019
by thomastc
2768 March 30th 2019
by voxel
3'51"516 September 13th 2018
by thomastc
97 October 19th 2019
You are the Grimoire
by Aurel300
2'53"140 March 30th 2019
by Ridderfar , TheKillerFly , jlindskov
13191 October 18th 2018
You Can't See Everything at Once
by sebastianscaini , EternalStormfire , Supermooper123 , coleycaves
1'52"000 May 1st 2018
by Raindrinker
0'45"130 April 25th 2018
by rnlf
0'19"460 April 24th 2018
Electric Tango
by laaph
5836 December 28th 2018
Rocket Jumper
by Wan
6300 July 28th 2019
Accurate Racing
by dollarone
0'10"164 July 27th 2019
by benjamin
66 September 17th 2018
Infinite Duel
by javucha , gechy
1'11"496 July 27th 2019
Spike Dungeon
by DaFluffyPotato
0.49 km July 28th 2019
Rollercoaster Breakdown
by KayZ
2399 July 27th 2019
by Aurel300
1160 October 1st 2019
by Raindrinker
282 October 27th 2019
(Tower of) Bird
by voxel
5 October 22nd 2019