Lil' Escape Game Engine

A little tool for entering escape game codes

This is not exactly a game.

A friend of mine is about to organize a homemade escape game for someone, and he asked me to create this tool that would start a countdown, then let the player enter codes to be found as they resolve puzzles (puzzles not included).

How to

  1. Enter the administration screen by typing the secret code: 369963
  2. Manage the game settings as you wish and confirm. (settings currently in French, to be translated soon)
  3. Start the game by revealing the keypad and pressing the blue button.

The UI is adapted to mobiles & tablets. Enter 147741 to restart a game (even refreshing the page doesn't stop the game, for safety reasons).

I'd love feedback & ideas!

I'm considering turning this one-off project into an actual mobile app. Would that be a good idea? What kind of cool features would you see to extend this? What about a possible business model? Could a full version work as n in-app purchase, to unlock some advanced customization and additional features? Let me know what you think.

(And yeah for a potentially commercial project I'm late for the November Challenge :D)


TypeScript & VueJS & Flexbox

Comments (2)

 • 3 years ago • 

the language issue is a challenge to evalutate it.

I see the idea, you set it up so that it takes a set of codes to sequence out findings. One thing I see as an issue here, is that with 4 digit codes, you could probably enter all 10000 codes in in a fairly short time, unless it has some sort of rate limit of checking codes, which means you could just 'spam' your way through it.

The system also doesn't have an apparent way to 'reset' it to continue evaluating it. So it basically locked up on the 'you failed' (or at least that is what I think it is) error message.

I would suggest making the codes 6 digits or have a 10 second retry timer or something to that effect.

I take it that the tool was ment to be used related to something with some occult/magical theming based on some of the iconography and sounds, I would think that a tool like this could highly value some skinning ability to be able to skin it to match the escape room.

 • 3 years ago • 

I have to say, I'm not sure what to make of this. It is certainly a good looking toy at the moment, but not much of a game, and it's not clear how to make different things happen in the settings (it seems you can only set a win condition, or an "add more time" combination).

I can see a game made with this. Each level is a secret number, and every (or most) wrong numbers you enter could give hints to the correct answer. This could be a fun mobile game.

For the web version, it would be really nice if we could use keys to enter numbers and enter/space/other things for the other buttons.

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