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Dev diary 7

dollarone 26 days ago on Music Kajam entry Chip Challenge

I'm working on an idea I started on for the Music Kajam. Progress is slow and I am finding it hard to concentrate on dev at the moment.

I thought that creating a kind of dev diary and adding progress updates to it here might help with motivation. Let's try it!

Today I added fade-out and also fade-ins to the game. This is done by palette shifting through the available 4 colours. I think it works quite well!

Dates of the 10th Alakajam! 0

Wan 1 month ago on 10th Alakajam!

The dates of the 10th Alakajam! are announced :) If you're a true hipster you can even join it now.

The end of a jam and some future plans 0

MatchaMaze 1 month ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry Rangers of the Cursed Land

Thank you everyone for the jam!

Thank You for the Streamer's Choice and the 3rd place in the Team Divison!
There's a lot to process and rethink about game development and all the feedback heleped!

The stream aspect of this past 10 days added a lot to the event!
Thank you for everyone who joined the streams!

Now I'm going back to my normal scheduel. If you have a minigame, demo, prototype, full game, etc. that you would like me to test, showcase, disect live, contact me! Would like to do regular sessions on Fridays!

Heads-up to streamers: tournament links 0

Wan 1 month ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam!

With the big red button currently linking to jam results, streamers may miss the tournament-related links, so see below how you'll find them as new links in the event header :)

If you haven't subscribed yet as a streamer, it's not too late!

  1. Create an account on the site and join the event
  2. Go to your and set up your entry as a streamer
  3. Start posting high scores to see you appear on the leaderboard!

Karma mechanics ¿? 4

MrAmericanMike 1 month ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry HundredPipers

I am confuse as to how the Karma in Alakajam works. I see when you hoover over it says:

Rate and review other games to increase your karma, and get featured higher on the list!

However, even when doing so Karma goes up, but then it goes down again.

Anyone know the exact mechanics on how this works?

Wednesday Livestream | Showcasing your games! 0

MatchaMaze 1 month ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry Rangers of the Cursed Land

Hello Everyone,

Today at 7:00 (UTC+1) I'll be playing the entries!
If you'd like to see your game, please join us and/or contact me!
Hopefully I will be able to play every game, but prioritise on the ones, who are joining the stream!

See You soon!

Am I the only weirdo? 6

MrAmericanMike 1 month ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry HundredPipers

So… This is my first GameJam I participate on, but I have in the past played games from Jams like LudumDare.

There is one thing that I never liked and it's to have to download a game in order to play it. Personally I believe a GameJam game should be playable in the browser.

So following this lines, I don't download any game in order to install them and play them locally (This is my "weirdo" thing)

Am I the only one that feels like this? What are your thoughts?

And also a question, been that I don't have much experience with Unity, Godot, or other softwares used to create games. Don't they support web builds? Or limitations apply and that's why participants only submit executables and not web versions as alternative. (Which following my though, it shouldn't be an alternative but a default, and the alternitve would be to download the game)

Starting to look and feel like a game 0

Odrez 1 month ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry Alien Callection

I am super happy about the extra time. Less pressure, made the day much more enjoyable. Plus I was able to iron out some weird performance issues without having to worry about having a stressful evening.

Hosting your game in Read this!!! 0

MrAmericanMike 1 month ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry HundredPipers

So maybe ScoreSpace x Alakajam! doesn't make it clear enough, but turns out you can "Tag/Submit" your game in as a game for ScoreSpace x Alakajam!.

Visit this page and once you have your game published click "Submit your project" That way the entries for ScoreSpace x Alakajam! are all grouped in one category.

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 • 13 days ago

Looks beautiful (as always), @dollarone! Keep it up - I want to play the end result :)

 • 16 days ago

Not much progress since the last update. I have filled in the map with grass and started populating it. It certainly feels big enough! I think the ... (read more)

 • 19 days ago  • edited

I've done some more work on the minimap - currently you can switch between three different views (small enough to fit a single screen, medium, and ... (read more)

 • 22 days ago

Nice, I had completely forgot about that comment.

I kinda prefer having a "thread" of updates - at the moment there's no way to link posts t... (read more)

 • 23 days ago

Nice, the 4 color fade out is suprisingly smooth!

Btw feel free to make a new blog post per update. Exchanging gamedev progress posts & ... (read more)

 • 23 days ago

Today I thought it might be cool to have a map over the world that you can peek at at your leisure. Even better, what if it was a minimap so you ca... (read more)

 • 23 days ago

good luck with the gamedev!

 • 1 month ago

@elZach Thanks for the feedback. Just in case you missed it, you can also submit your voice to the <... (read more)

 • 1 month ago

I think having a rating phase this short might limit the growth of the event. It's just a fact, that most devs lose interest in interfacing with th... (read more)

 • 1 month ago

@DictorDro thanks dude, appreciate it.