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Return to Batterycorp 0

Aurel300 • 1 month ago on 15th Alakajam! entry  Batterycorp 2: KRANE

For this jam I made (kind of) a sequel to Batterycorp, my Ludum Dare 39 game.

Glad to have finished a jam game after being unable to finish or unable to participate for the last couple of times.

End of the day 1

Luu_Bi_Chu • 1 month ago on 15th Alakajam! entry  Moraq_baby

The process of 48 hours was really fun in general. I was really panic when trying to draw my very first pixel art game, it is quite challenging but I did overcome that. Also, I learn how to make music and hopefully it is suitable with gameplay.

Enjoy the building process and playing games.

Finished! 1

toasty • 1 month ago on 15th Alakajam! entry  COOK THE BOOKS

Quite happy I finished, because I don't normally take part in 48h game jams (if you're curious to know why, see my entry).

Good luck to everyone still struggling with their games! <3

Finally uploaded! 1

mesonpi • 1 month ago on 15th Alakajam! entry  Wordly World

This was the very first Game Jam I have ever partecipated in, and I was able to finish the game. Indeed, there are a lot of things that could be improved with more time, but I'm satisfied (here the entry).
This is the second game I have ever made, and I completely underestimated the time required to draw and animate the sprites, I spent all saturday on graphics while in my original plan they should have been ready in 3 hours of work (ah, what a fool XD)
It was really exahusting, and today I had to rush to get everything completed.

I had the great idea of streaming on twitch the whole process of making the game, which took me a lot of energies. I really learned a lot of things, and now I am really curious to see how other partecipants interpreted the theme and what they managed to do.

Good luck to everyone who partecipated, I look forward to play your games!

Throwing in the towel 2

AtiumBit • 1 month ago on 15th Alakajam! 

This was my first game jam. I went way too ambitious. I tried to do too much new stuff and I just got bogged down. I learned a ton and had fun, but it's clear to me at this point I'm not going to finish. I can't wait to try again on the next one!

Good luck everyone!

Interesting pixel art 2

Luu_Bi_Chu • 1 month ago on 15th Alakajam! entry  Moraq_baby

This is the first game jam I have every join and it is also a chance for me to learn how to draw pixel art. I am really excited about this theme and decided to make simple platformer game.

What a challenging theme! 0

mesonpi • 1 month ago on 15th Alakajam! entry  Wordly World

I feel this theme is really challenging, but it would be very fun to see the original ideas of the partecipants. I really look forward to play all the games :D
Good luck to everyone!

I’m in 0

heyheyhey • 1 month ago on 15th Alakajam! entry  Lost Girl


REPLICA Framework 1.5
Krita + pen, pencil and paper

The theme — I’m not sure what to do with it, but it has potential. I’ll think of something.


First game jam 1

AtiumBit • 1 month ago on 15th Alakajam! 

This is my first game jam ever! I just started making games a couple months ago, so I'm a bit nervous that I won't complete a game. The pixel art is primarily where I'm worried all my time will be spent. I'm going to make my game with java using the libGDX framework.

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 • 12 days ago

Thank you everyone for playing my game. I should have think more creative but yeah there is intentional way. I will improve for my next project.

 • 12 days ago

This is great! Love the idea and execution. The graphics and music are good too. Some of the sounds or music had a very strong 'click' or 'fry' kind of... (read more)

 • 12 days ago

Love the music and atmosphere around the game. The light and models look really nice too.
The low rolls felt way underpowered, sometimes having no luck rolling off of a... (read more)

 • 12 days ago

This is really cute and sweet! I like how the story revealed more each level. I had an issue on the last level where one of the tables can only... (read more)

 • 13 days ago

Very nice and polished game, the different mechanics felt well presented and intuitive. Usually I'm pretty bad at reading puzzles, but the limited routes allowed for by the wire travelling... (read more)

 • 13 days ago


  • Very chill aesthetic, music and background were nice especially
  • knocking over a bunch of pieces at once was satisying
  • Being blasted into the fair on a hit was fun... (read more)
 • 14 days ago

This is quite amazing and the quality is a quite above the average game jam project! The sound is good, the graphics are good, the controls and movement feel is... (read more)

Antti Haavikko
(@anttihaavikko) • 14 days ago

Knew it was a GMTK jam submission from the thumbnail/name already! 😜

This 45/46 ended up being my best run.

Looks neat and has a chill vibe. Could use some... (read more)

 • 28 days ago

I think I hit a bug!

While hitting buttons all while everywhere, I transform from boss baby to baby baby and then boss baby is now in the floor.

evidence... (read more)

 • 1 month ago

Cool game, awesome concept! :D