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donathill452 • 19 hours ago on 14th Alakajam! 

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Chinese Checkers the Adventure, not quite there yet 1

M2tias • 2 months ago on Adventure Kajam entry  Adventures in PegLand

I've been meaning to post for about two weeks. I came up with my idea two weeks into this jam. I have worked on this more than I thought, but I couldn't finish in time. I'll keep working and hope to get a version out in a couple of days. It's not the game I set out to make, but at least one big feature was just too much. Still, I'm really glad with my progress and I like my idea a lot.
Here's a work in progress screenshot. UI needs a lot of work still.
Hope to see many entries in the coming days!

You Can't See Everything at Once + 0

sebastianscaini • 2 months ago on 2nd Alakajam! entry  You Can't See Everything at Once


An all new and expanded version of our team's 2nd Alakajam entry You Can't See Everything at Once featuring double the levels, a new original soundtrack and sounds, online leaderboards, and dozens of quality of life changes.

You Can't See Everything at Once + is a speedrunning focused hardcore platformer where you have to choose between seeing yourself and the level. Try to beat the game as fast as you can and compare your score to the rest of the world!


First progress - Premières avancées 0

Yazorius • 2 months ago on Adventure Kajam entry  DENDUR

I wonder in wich troubles I've get into for this Adventure Kajam.
I decided to start from scratch, and therefore to do everything myself.
Scenario, obviously, graphics, that goes without saying, puzzles (if I have the time), …
… and game engine. And there, frankly, great harm took me!
There are so many engines already designed, ready for use, well made.
But no, did I have to want to do mine.

So I've been wiping out a lot of miscellaneous bugs since I started.
But, little by little, the engine took interesting turns.
Starting from the simple movement of the character, I am interested in the possibilities of interactions.
Still, it risks to be too short to get a game on time.
But I do not admit defeated so far: so I launched into sypnosis:

Someone has stolen the King's crown!

A thief with long teeth, but who did not have time to flee the palace.

The King therefore appealed to the greatest liar in the kingdom,

to go back to the root of the theft: you!

I started the various graphic ideas.
If we can be original, we might as well let go completely.
So, the hero will be a liar, in a world populated by teeth.
Not sure that it leads to an incredible thing, but I will continue until the end.

Je me demande dans quoi j'ai pu me lancer pour cette Adventure Kajam.
J'ai décidé dès le départ de partir de rien, et donc de tout faire moi-même.
Scénario, évidemment, graphisme, cela va de soi, énigmes (si j'ai le temps), …
… et moteur de jeu. Et là, franchement, grand mal m'a pris !
Il existe tant de moteurs déjà conçus, prêts à l'emploi, bien réalisés.
Mais non, fallait-il que je veuille faire le mien.

J'essuie donc de nombreux bugs divers depuis que j'ai commencé.
Mais, peu à peu, le moteur a pris des tournures intéressantes.
Parti du simple déplacement du personnage, j'en suis aux possibilités d'interactions.
Reste que cela risque fort être trop juste pour proposer un jeu d'aventure dans les délais.
Mais je ne m'avoue pas vaincu pour autant : je me suis dans lancé dans un sypnosis :

Quelqu'un a volé la couronne du Roi !

Un voleur qui a les dents longues, mais qui n'a pas eu le temps de fuir le palais.

Le Roi a donc fait appel au plus grand menteur du royaume,

pour remonter à la racine du larcin : vous !

J'ai commencé les idées graphiques diverses.
Si on peut faire original, autant se lâcher complètement.
Du coup, le héros sera un menteur, dans un monde peuplé de dents.
Pas sûr que ça "débouche" sur un truc incroyable, mais je continuerai jusqu'au bout.

Keynote for the Adventure Kajam 1

The Jamician • 3 months ago on Adventure Kajam 

Get inspired for the upcoming Adventure Kajam with the animated keynote created by @Aurel300!

Lots of awesome games to play and rate! 2

M2tias • 3 months ago on 13th Alakajam! entry  Robocalypse Now

Hey, don't forget to rate games. That's a big part of the jam after all! There are some really cool games 🤯

Nya 1

Sayuki • 4 months ago on 13th Alakajam! entry  Robotic Composition

Yo, my name is Sayuki and I'm acting here as a concept artist! I started making games recently, please don't judge strictly.
Today l'm with Ruslan finished making a game for the current jam. For the first time it was difficult, but no less interesting.Thx to him for the opportunity to try his hand at this<3 I hope to continue to improve my skills in the field of concept games..

I'm in! 2

Kesslwovv • 4 months ago on 13th Alakajam! entry  Crystal Fighters

I just got some free time so let's go!

Source of inspiration 1

Aurel300 • 4 months ago on 13th Alakajam! entry  Korobo: Save the trees!

I hope this helps you.

I'm in 0

heyheyhey • 4 months ago on 13th Alakajam! entry  Ghost Heart

My second Alakajam.


REPLICA Framework
JavaScript with jQuery
Krita + pencil and paper
BeepBox, jsfxr

Good luck everyone!

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The procedurally generated level is nice and I especially like the verticality and the diversity with... (read more)

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The art in this is delicious; I love those creatures. I wonder if the environment appearance could be made to look a bit more cartoony too, to fit the characters.... (read more)

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There's little game here, but it shows quite a bit of promise.
The look is great and pretty unique.
The camera is pretty jumpy at times which feels odd, and... (read more)