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Getting in early 3

voxel • 24 days ago on 15th Kajam 

Looking forward to another Kajam, thought I'd sign up a little early and make sure it's in my calendar. Bummed I was unable to join the most recent alakajam, so now I have to wait in jam-jail until May.

Hopefully the theme will be something retro-friendly, I haven't done any 'modern' gamedev in a few months now - old consoles and computers are better (and people will say 'wow this runs on DOS? so cool!' and ignore the fact that the game is awful).

Also I'm hoping we maintain a no-AI or 'all AI content must be declared so voxel can downvote it' stance on jam submissions. I'm only interested in playing things made by the alakajam community, not content fever-dreamed by water and energy guzzling ML platforms trained on stolen content, thanks!

Floating Islands?! 1

rogual • 1 month ago on 19th Alakajam! entry  A Day in the Sun

Got this puzzle platformer going. Feels like a decent base to build on in day 2. Just gotta add levels, polish and audio until the time's up.

One. More. Time! (with apologies to daft punk) 0

Corbarrad • 1 month ago on 19th Alakajam! 

Floating tech islands in the sky will be the backdrop for my take on the classic lunar lander/space taxi concept.

Let's see how this works out…

The 19th Alakajam is now open! 0

laaph • 1 month ago on 19th Alakajam! 

After a few stumbles, the 19th Alakajam is now open! Make your games! You have until February 25th until sometime in your local time zone (I can't handle time zones) to write your game and submit it! If this is not enough time, or you just don't want to stress, or you want to follow the unranked rules instead of the jam rules, you can go until February 26th!

There are several bits of advice that are traditionally given to game jammers. Advice I like:

  • Don't forget to sleep
  • Drink enough water
  • Have fun!

Advice I recognize as necessary but I don't like:

  • Know your tools
  • Keep the scope small

On the topic of keeping your scope small, I recently watched a TED talk featuring OK GO about why you might want to keep your scope small. They even do the math! It starts out with a song too.

Advice that is sometimes given but I think should be given more:

  • Learn things! Just remember that learning takes time, and you don't have a lot of time in a jam
  • Let your inner creative monster out! If you can fit your crazy ideas in to 48 (or 72) hours, do it!

In any case that was much more of an introduction post than I had intended, I probably forgot to write all the important things, welcome to the 19th AKJ, and have fun everyone!

Join Us for Alakajam! 3

laaph • 2 months ago on 19th Alakajam! 

Dear game developers,

It is with great sorrow that we see the modding Kajam come to an end. While there were… not quite a lot of great mods created, let's give a big cheer to everyone who participated! 🎉🎉

We are thrilled to announce that Alakajam is coming back bigger and better than ever! We are excited to announce that the next Alakajam will be happening on February 23rd-25th.

What is Alakajam?
Alakajam is a game jam where gamers come together to create unique games in just one weekend. The competition is fierce, and the games are amazing!

Theme submission will be opened up soon, as soon as I figure out the correct buttons to press!

Theme submission: now. Don't forget to submit themes that you don't hate!
Theme selection: Feb 20th-23rd. Don't forget to vote for the themes you hate the least!
Jam start: February 23rd
Jam end: February 25th
Extra day for unranked jams: Feb 26th. If you didn't finish on Sunday, take an extra day!
Play and rate games: Feb 26th-March 11th.
Where: this website, also our discord channel
Who: everyone
Why: for the glory!

So, mark your calendars and get ready to join the fun. We can't wait to see what you create!

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us at the email, but really we respond better on the discord channel. Let's make some amazing games together!

Industrial Zone 4

Lunox5 • 5 months ago on 11th Alakajam Tournament 

Using unity and scratch coding, I will be making a Industrial Zone game

Alakajam yearly meeting! 0

laaph • 6 months ago on Feedback Fortnight 2023 

We will be having a meeting to discuss next year's plans, to determine if we have enough manpower to provide additional events, and everything else we need to talk about! The meeting time has been official set to Wednesday, October 4, 2023 at 21:00UTC! It will take place on the Alakajam official Discord channel which, you aren't yet a part of, you can join here.

See you there! (Or maybe we will just hear you there, there will be no cameras…)

Alakajam Yearly Meeting 2023! 0

laaph • 7 months ago on Feedback Fortnight 2023 

We all love to meet, so let's have a meeting! This meeting will discuss events and plans for 2024. If you want to help with AKJ, or if you don't want to help but you want us to know what kind of events you would like to see, or if you just want to hang out with the cool kids, you should attend! We are looking for volunteers to give us new energy and ideas, so if you have lots of energy and ideas please attend! Everyone is welcome!

The day and time will be set according to the poll linked here. I tried to include all sorts of strange times so as to accomodate you if you are in the Americans, Europe, or East Asia. The bulk of Alakajammers are in Europe, so if you are not, let us know what kinds of times work for you. Further, this website does not seem to translate the time zone for you, so you will have to figure that out on your own.

On the day that the Feedback Fortnight ends, I will look at the poll and determine when the most popular time and date is. I hope that you can find some time that fits your particular time zone!

I hope to see (I mean hear) every one at the meeting!

Feedback Fortnight starts... tomorrow! 0

laaph • 7 months ago on Feedback Fortnight 2023 

Welcome to the 2023 edition of Feedback Fortnight! If you aren't familar with FF, take your project that you've been working on, that is ready to show to people, that you want to show to people, and show us! Then, go play the games and projects that other people have posted, and let us know what you think! Look for bugs, look for what is fun, what is not fun, what you like, what you don't like, try them all out, and give us your feedback!

As always, remember there is a person who is showing thier artwork and may be shy, so be nice. Try to give constructive feedback, so don't say "this sux!", say something like "the artwork doesn't make sense to me and the game play wasn't fun, perhaps you could change these things?"

Since we are so excited, we are opening the website so you can post your projects now! We will keep FF2023 open at least until September 24th, so that should be enough time for you to play all the games and contemplate all the thoughts.

We will have another announcement tomorrow regarding something different! Alakajam needs help… maybe you can help?


rogual • 10 months ago on 13th Kajam entry  Janky Blob Fight

I'd been wanting to do some multiplayer game dev, so this theme is perfect! I'm making a web game where you can control a blob and shoot at other blobs. Still rather unfinished, but playable here. I think the networking… kinda works?

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 • 6 days ago

In my beginner courses for Godot and Unity I call the old-school AI just "enemy behaviour" now

 • 6 days ago

I could easily get behind the "declare AI trained on large datasets so that voxel can downvote it" rule….

It's so wierd to me that the meaning of AI has... (read more)

 • 22 days ago

Fingers crossed you can join next time!

I think I agree on the AI thing, it's so soulless…

(@Plazmaero) • 1 month ago

İ finished it \o/, this is definitely an original one gotta give it to ya

 • 1 month ago

My island started to go upwards when I started the game and I just had to stay on the island by pressing left or right. Then I noticed that if... (read more)

 • 1 month ago

Found aiming a bit hard at first but got used to it, I presume it's intentional since you mentioned firing at a flat angle. Idea was neat and I enjoyed... (read more)

 • 1 month ago

Fun little game! At first I wasn't a fan of how you had to stop to shoot, but after a while I realised it added a good bit of strategy... (read more)

 • 1 month ago

Overall a pretty fun, short clicker-ish experience. I found it nice that pretty early on the actual clicking was replaced by holding :)

The changes to the island in the... (read more)

 • 1 month ago

I just held shift throughout :) It seemed a bit more playable then, though as already said, some coyote time and buffering would be great. I did not have the... (read more)

Antti Haavikko
(@anttihaavikko) • 1 month ago

Not sure if you noticed my messages on Discord so I'll add the feedback here too.

Yeah have to agree with your vague impression, the balancing is off. The danger... (read more)