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fish fighters 0

elZach 1 month ago

obviously I'm working on a high octane action shooter. :/

Unity Project Sketch 0

elZach 1 month ago

From talking with my peers, I guess underwater interpretation of the theme will be pretty popular.

Don't really know what to do yet, but I always feel more comfortable just blocking something out and see where it takes me.

The Club Of The Wizardists 2

elZach 1 year ago

Alakajam! It's a bunny. 0

elZach 1 year ago



Modeled some and no doubt ragdoll will be the hero of this game.

I'm in 3

elZach 1 year ago

I hope this jam grows as much as possible. I like the ludum dare format and just two a year are not enough for me. So I hope the word about alakajam get's spread, so we can see submissions in the thousands aswell. For now I'm just happy to have a nice time coming weekend. :)

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Into The Depths
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11'18"000 March 1st 2020
Piranha Bites
by Dolores123
88 March 1st 2020
Super Fortune Bunys
by elZach
244 October 14th 2018
Core Drop
by thomastc
29 March 5th 2020
Parachute Simulator X
by smbe19
0'04"320 July 15th 2019