Parachute Simulator X

You are on a plane. You don't want to be on a plane. Therefore you do the only sensible thing and jump out of the plane. Get to the ground as fast as possible without dying.

The only thing you have to do in this game is to choose when to trigger the parachute. Too late and you will die. Too early and you will hang in the air forever. What will be your highscore?

Controls: Press space or click the screen to deploy the parachute. Press again after landing to restart.

Very small game as we did not have much time. Done in about 3 hours.

  • Programming by Benjamin Schmid
  • Art by Patricia Schmid

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This game entered in the Team competition (24 entries).

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a month ago

not bad. Art style really stands up here. Anyway i suggest you to include "controlls" scheme. I know its only space key but for first few seconds i was really confuse what to do. Simple "press space for deploy parachute" would be sufficient. Or mention it in description. Something like controlls: space key

a month ago

Very cool little game. I especially like the graphisms :)
And I played several times to get a highscore.

One can easily think of additional features, but perhaps it is nice to keep simple like now?

a month ago

I love the "graphics"! Wanted to do a similar thing with the graphics for a long time now, it's good to see an example of this solution.
The only thing, that sometimes I feel that I should have survived but I still died… :/

a month ago

I could not get him to hang in the air forever. In fact, no matter when I opened my parachute, I died.

a month ago

Solid entry, one of the first games i've seen that uses reaction time like this in quite a while. I've always wanted to try a hand at handdrawn graphics and man that looks amazing :D

a month ago

Excellent graphics :) Actually it looks pretty good!

Easy to understand, yet has a bit of challenge in it. One idea I had, was to change where the ground level is each time, so you don't just leave your mouse at the appropriate level. But then different scores wouldn't compare…

I got 4.60, which I think is pretty good?

a month ago

I kept trying again and again, which is all I need for me to say it's a great game. I didn't unerstand the control nor the game at first, and managed to make the "highscore" of 19'something, which made me very happy until I realised my mistake x)

a month ago

Nice. The only gripes I have with this game is that @Wrexialmt managed a better time than me. :(

a month ago

I've never seen a game with this sort of graphic at all. It's an interesting art style. I guess you're an artist, am I right? :)

Nanukk Luik
(@NanukkLuik) • a month ago

Damn, been struggling to beat Wrexialmt's score. You are on point with the theme and I love drawn on paper games too! Very well done!

a month ago

PUBG could learn a thing from you. would be nice if half the population died on impact.

a month ago

@Rardo @psevrain If you fix your scores I can add you back to the ranking. If the game says for example 1.23 seconds, then you should enter 1'' 230 instead of 1'' 023. Thanks.

a month ago

I really like the art style, and the game itself. It provides a challenging and competitive experience with others and i really enjoy that! The art style is really different and something remotely simular to it is kinda hard to find ~

a month ago

Using drawings scanned from grid paper was a great idea! It gives the game charm for cheap. Also a great way to get children into the joys of gamedev :)

With high scores making us compete on this little thing, you have made a great use of your 3 hours. The game is obviously very small compared to other entries but at least the fun/playtime ratio is very high!

a month ago

Lovely visuals and fun simple gameplay.

As far as the highscores go, I did some science and proved to myself that it's impossible to beat my time in my browser, so I'm guessing your gameplay isn't framerate independent somewhere in the calculations, which would be a pity as it seems like a popular game for highscores.

Very nice entry!

a month ago

@voxel You are right, all the calculations are unfortunately framerate dependent. It didn't even occur to me that this will influence the highscores, but now that you mention it… But alas, learned something for next time, thanks for pointing it out!

21 days ago

Nice, love the hand-drawn graphics :) Gameplay is very simple, but smooth. Next time, consider enabling mipmaps and texture filtering so stuff doesn't look as dithered, especially while it's moving.

I got 4.45 seconds!

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