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You can donate to the Alakajam! non-profit by following the link above. All financial help is welcome! It will help us cover the costs of the servers, plus the occasional little gifts we award during events like stickers and buttons. Also maybe, someday, we can host a jam a yacht.

To keep things transparent you can keep track of the donations and expenses below. Big thanks to you for supporting the community!

Revenues & Expenses

Goal: Fund a server upgrade for 1 year = 200€

Current balance = 55,39€

Month Description Revenues Expenses
March 2019 OVH Hosting (3 months) 14.36 €
March 2019 Donations 98,47 €
December 2018 OVH Hosting (3 months) 14.36 €
September 2018 OVH Hosting (3 months) 14.36 €

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