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Destroy your opponent's tower and make him fall to the ground in utter embarrassment
Wizard duels
by dollarone
Karma: 82 Solo
Fall in love while falling to your death.
Falling In Love
by birdpun, Flatterp, sebastianscaini
Karma: 83 Team
Throw yourself around in the depths.
Depth Kid
by ToffieBoey
Karma: 84 Solo
You're the chief demolitions expert! Bring down buildings while avoiding collateral damage!
by thomastc
Karma: 105 Solo
a roguelite falling game... idk
Spike Dungeon
by DaFluffyPotato
Karma: 94 Solo
Take the sphere as low as possible (press A/D to move)
by Chandalf, Bsinmais, LaFraga
Karma: 102 Team
Game made for 4th Alakajam with theme: Falling
Aether Nightfall
by akusan
Karma: 94 Solo
Get coins. Avoid bullets and mines. Shoot down the enemies. Don't get off the screen.
Stay in
by SadaleNet
Karma: 93 Solo
Escape shoddy workmanship!
Pyramid Peril
by HuvaaKoodia, SUOMAR
Karma: 90 Team
Cyberpunk IT
by Kleinzach
Karma: 110 Solo
One knight, one sinkhole, one village to save.
Ancient Sinkhole
by Nanukk Luik
Karma: 50 Solo
You are in control of a meteor shower!! Try to keep most people alive to get the biggest score.
Kind Meteors
by Zulhuky
Karma: 107 Solo
Wrap your head around this
Portable Looping Machine
by bradur
Karma: 74 Solo
Gems, lava, ledges, timers, platformer.
by Aurel300
Karma: 93 Team
A weird snake game about apples falling from the sky.
NEWTON: The starving snake
by Call_in, Fresh Food, MillsĀ !
Karma: 92 Team
Zeus has fallen asleep! Let's have fun!
Temple of Ares
by Wan, Thrainsa
Karma: 100 Team
Omg! Thiefs are stealing parking lot! Again!
Omg they stealing parking lot!
by Tbohdan
Karma: 73 Solo
A game where you have to bring the little ninja to the top of the big sakura tree without falling down. Will you ever reach the top?
by Ridderfar, TheKillerFly, jlindskov
Karma: 96 Team
A WIP Platformer. Pef needs to go deeper! Explore the caves, try to go fast and take care of the terrible larvae!
Pef Needs To Go Deeper
by Kurokawa, ThibHuss, WilliamB, fredericgondeau
Karma: 97 Team
It's Raining Cubes
by JulienKuhn, Raivk
Karma: 104 Team