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As always, I'm in. 0

Oat • 5 years ago 

Excited to join in on another amazing jam.
Can't wait to see what everyone makes, and what kind of game I end up with.
Heck, maybe I'll actually make something that's not a platformer this time around.

Anyway, as per usual I'll be using:

Let's do this!

Hey hey hey 2

Oat • 5 years ago 

I'm in. :O

This'll be my… third? Fourth?
How many have there been so far?

Same tools as always!

  • Gamemaker stidio
  • Beepbox
  • Bfxr
  • My nooggin

I'm in! 0

Oat • 5 years ago 

Just what the title says
I'll be using the same as always:
GMStudio 1.4
whatever else.

What I'm using 1

Oat • 6 years ago 

Am I supposed to say what I'll be using?
Okay then.

  • Game: Gamemaker: Studio
  • Music: Beepbox
  • Sfx: Bfxr and maybe beepbox, too. I don't know.
  • Everything Else: Uh…

Good luck to all!

Alrighty. I'm in. 4

Oat • 6 years ago 

I'm ready to jam, my dudes.

Post-jam "thank you". 2

Oat • 6 years ago 


This jam sure was fun! I'm happy with how my game
turned out (for once), and I'm looking forward to expanding
on it in the future.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who played Room Swap, and congrats
to, well… everyone! Making a game is an accomplishment in and of
itself, I think. Looking forward to participating in future jams!

Thanks again!

Ratings 1

Oat • 6 years ago 

I'm pretty happy with my game, this time around. I'd apreciate some feedback
from y'all, and I'm hoping I can get 10 votes! I'll try to rate all the games, if I get
the time. Thanks! :-)

I'm in!!! 2

Oat • 6 years ago 


I'll be joining in on the 2nd Alakajam… jam.
I'm super excited for this.

I'll be using…

For the game:Gamemaker Studio: 1.4
For the music: Beepbox.co
For SFX: Bfxr.net
For the ideas: My brain. :-|


ps: I forgot the password to my other account…
so I'll probably be using this one from now on.

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