Depth Kid

Jump into the depths and dive around to avoid dying!.
This was really fun to make, and I'm really happy with the character animations. I think I put a little too much time into making it look good, so the game is pretty short, but hopefully you guys still enjoy it!

There are only 13 levels in the game so it's pretty short (SORRY).
The game doesn't save your progress if you close it.


Left and Right to move… left and right
Z/C to jump
X/V to dive
Thanks for playing! :O

I made two separate downloads for the game, one with music and one without.
I added music to the game a little bit after the turn-in time for the jam, so I don't know if that one counts.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (46 entries).


Throw yourself around in the depths.


Windows Download :O



Comments (17)

8 months ago

I have no idea how you pulled this off. This is amazing. The Visuals, The Audio, all of it. I honestly want to do something like this. Wish you had options to change the controls though.

(@OatMealPal) • 8 months ago

@Orionintheforest thanks for playing!

Nanukk Luik
(@NanukkLuik) • 8 months ago

The graphics, audio and theme of the game is pretty great :)
Though the level designs aren't progressive in skill. I found that this part of your game was very punishing in a way and needed some level of comfort before progressing on. The gif was after 30minutes of the same level trying to get through your game. Unfortunitely I gave up.

The reason why I say the levels aren't progressive is given in the level before that checkpoint. I got through it with ease, no death. But the levels before that from the start were a tad more difficult than just before the middle.
The controls are fine, I love the mechanics and the wall grabs especially. Great work!

(@OatMealPal) • 8 months ago

@NanukkLuik thanks for the feedback, and thanks for fighting through the bad level design. I played through the game a little while after uploading and did notice that there was a HUGE difficulty spike. Sorry about that. :O

Nanukk Luik
(@NanukkLuik) • 8 months ago

@ToffieBoey Haha no worries, still an impressive title you created within 48 hours. I went for random generation instead (Which comes with it's own problems I couldn't solve before the time ran out.)

8 months ago

Retro games I love them all. It was kind of those retro games. Perfect use of procedural generation and the theme of falling

(@LazerLord) • 8 months ago

this game is the proof that you can make some really amazing stuf if you keep it simple.

(@OatMealPal) • 8 months ago

thanks @Prabh and @LazorLord for playing!

8 months ago

this game is awesome! it's incredible you made this in 2 days!

I loved how you kept it simple and it worked really well!

I think it would be cool to have a boss at the end, where you climb up the side and dive on top of it.

but like nanukk luik said, the levels really aren't progressive.

Also, some of the levels are really unfair, like how i just beat a really hard cannon level, then I fall into a screen and get shot by another cannon as soon as I enter.

those aside, this was super fun, great job!

P.S. What game engine was this?

(@OatMealPal) • 8 months ago

@Sammy6 the game engine is GameMaker:Studio 1.4.
I think the cannon levels were the WORST. I made them really quickly and they turned out horribly unfair. Thanks for playing, though!

8 months ago

Really like this game. Probably played it the longest so far, but still had to give up at the cannons. Got to forth cannon once but usually died at the first or third cannon. A death counter as highscore would be nice - if anyone can finish the game, that is :D.

(@OatMealPal) • 8 months ago

@KayZ yeah, sorry about that. I'm working on a small post-jam version with a few more levels, a timer and a death counter. It'll be playable on the web, too. Hopefully i actually finish it.
Anyways, thanks for playing!

8 months ago

This is really well done! The diving with a relatively weak jump is really good and feels unique. The sound effects are great, and the art is completely readable which is wonderful. I'm really bad at 2d platformers, so I wasn't able to get too far, just to the room with the first balloon, but what I saw I liked a lot!

(@OatMealPal) • 8 months ago

@Kleinzach thanks for playing. You got pretty far for being bad at 2d platformers. x)

8 months ago

I loved this game. The only problem I found was the spikes didn't kill me. I guess that was just me?
I loved the graphics, audio, and use of the theme. WAY better than mine, yet you had 24 hours less than me…… Great job, overall 9/10!

(@OatMealPal) • 8 months ago

@duel_05 that's… interesting. I'll have to look into that. Thanks for playing, though!

8 months ago
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