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Well, more like last hour but whatever. I think i updated Rollsy & The Surprisingly Short Vertical Mazes for the last time; I've done it around 3 times, trying to improve it or add to it to make it just a smidge better. Overall It is much better then when I first made the entry and the first build of it was uploaded.

I've Added
A Title Screen, 2 More Levels, And New Message at the end. =)


GIF showcasing Rollsy & The Surprizingly Short Vertical Maze.

Alright, so this is my first GameJam. It was nice and got me into some new programs that will help me later, like asesprite. This GameJam made me go though so many ideas and even had to go though 3 ideas just to end up with this one.

In the end, I think that this was a great GameJam to start off with, especally with the community being so nice and supportive. Thank you for letting me participate and helping me everyone in the IRC.