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Screen Saver
by Sammy6
on Ludum Dare 42
Rhythm Racing
by Sammy6
on Ludum Dare 41

I'm worried I won't rank 1

Sammy6 • 5 years ago 

My game is for 2 players only so it's harder to get ratings, but if you have a friend with you please try out my game, Wizards
Right now when most people are playing the games I only have 3 ratings.

Game done! - Wizards 0

Sammy6 • 5 years ago 

After 2 days I have finished my game! Grab a friend and battle eachother in Wizards!

Game Page

Game almost done. 0

Sammy6 • 5 years ago 

Super happy with how it's turning out. Tommorow will just be tweaks and maybe a few new features.

this gif is faster than I thought

My game so far 0

Sammy6 • 5 years ago 

I'm going for a 2D wizard fighting game where you and a friend cast spells at eachother.

Playing all web games! 7

Sammy6 • 5 years ago 

comment a link to your game page and I will play your web game!

oh and also, you can play my game here: (I need 2 more ratings!)

Finally finished my game! 0

Sammy6 • 5 years ago 

I finally finished my game, Bird Jumper!

Here's a link:

I'm in! (Original title, right?) 0

Sammy6 • 5 years ago 

it's awesome to have another smaller jam before LD! I've got some good ideas, and I wish everyone good luck!

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