This is a multiplayer only game - You will need another person to play it. Please do not rate this game if you have only tried it by yourself.

Duck and jump around your opponent's spells and cast some of your own at them!


Press ESC to set up the controls.


  • LEFT and RIGHT to move
  • A to jump
  • DOWN to duck
  • DOWN in air to land faster
  • B to attack
  • B + UP to high attack
  • Q to reset

Press A and S and Up to enter debug mode

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This game entered in the Solo competition (37 entries).


Battle your friend with magic!


Web and Windows Web (Original)



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Comments (14)

(@thesunda) • 5 months ago

I'm a huge fan of TIC-80, Pico-8 and others! This means I really enjoyed playing this.
Spent a good quality 15 minutes dueling against my gf after we've setup the controllers properly.

Best part is the gameplay mechanic. I liked the way everything is blazingly fast and you should have a nice reaction time to dodge and shoot to win.
Liked the graphics, thats the beauty of TIC-80.

Feels great, dude. Awesome work!

5 months ago

@thesunda Wow thanks, I really wasn't expecting people to like it this much! :)

5 months ago

Couldn't get the web version to start up. Can't play the Windows version (on Linux).

5 months ago

@AdroitConceptions Weird… What browser are you using? It works for me on Chrome. I'll add a link to the game on another site, maybe that'll work.

5 months ago

I just tried another browser - fails on Chrome, works on Firefox (Linux).

5 months ago

game plays like a simplified street fighter, however your limited to 2 attacks (high/low) and jump/ducking to avoid attacks. game feels like a level of RPS combat.

Graphics were simple but functional.

5 months ago


Very nice job here, I'm into it. Easy to learn, hard to master is a wonderful mantra for game design I feel.

I'm really into the pixel art, simple, readable, looks great. Nice one!

(@pepelka) • 5 months ago

Decent party game, I would definitely buy this for PS. But it would be even better with more interesting background

5 months ago

Couldn't really get the controls to work. The arrow keys worked mostly, but i couldnt jump or attack.

5 months ago

@ValdeTheAssetMan You can configure the controls by pressing escape and clicking "gamepad config".

5 months ago

@ultrakilla @kirkwinner Thanks for the feedback, I'm really glad you like it! I could add a more interesting background or two in a later version.

5 months ago

Clean, pixel graphics, very retro. Usually not a fan, but this is consistent.

Guilty Gear this is not! Initially the simple concept works fine, actually played it with a …friend…, but we soon noticed a fatal flaw in the design. If one of the players simply spams attack the other one has no choice but to do the same or lose outright.

You see, attacking has a such a long recovery time that the other wizard cannot both attack and dodge without being hit by one of the ample fireballs coming their way.

One solution to this issue is to introduce a spell cooldown separate from the attack recovery time. In other words, when trying to attack while the cooldown is on results in no fireball as the cast fails (with a funny noise and effect, I'd hope). This way attacking becomes much more situational and tactical, no more spamming!

Another solution is to change the control scheme to something akin to fighting standards: crouching is not a temporary dodge and from it you can attack for a low fireball; jumping is also not a temporary dodge move, but rather an ordinary jumping state where you can attack for a high fireball; and, lastly, standing attack produces a mid fireball. This sort of scheme would also incentivize horizontal movement, which is unnecessary at the moment.

A simple 1v1 competition is hard to make. You gave it a shot and that's commendable.

Overall: Below Average (4.0)
Graphics: Above Average (6.0)
Audio: Average (5.0)
Gameplay: Terrible (2.0)
Originality: Below Average (4.0)
Theme: Above Average (6.0)

5 months ago

@HuvaaKoodia Wow, that's a huge review! A little bit after the jam ended I actually tried the game out with my friend and noticed the same flaws. I certainly will fix them if I make a post jam version of the game.
I'm happy you put in the effort to write such a detailed review.

4 months ago

Congratulations on making this entry and that too a multiplayer one :)

On ArchLinux with Firefox 65.0.2 only the arrow keys work; A, B or Q didn't work. I could see the menu item for Gamepad Config but pressing Enter shows nothing. I couldn't play the game :( but I understand that this is a game jam and glitches are fairly common.

I'm sure some debugging should get this straightended out :) Cheers

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