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inacho_ • 4 years ago 

That`s my 2nd Alakajam and I already got the hype on! Last time it was my first time ever doing a game and the result/feedback was great - looking forward to see what I can do with what I learned in the past months!

Gfx: Aseprite
Engine: Pico-8/Gamemaker
Audio: Bosca Ceoil/bxfr


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inacho_ • 5 years ago 

My team managed to deliver something playable (buggy but playable). We'd really appreciate all the honest feedback.

Late development but on track! 0

inacho_ • 5 years ago 

Got the tiles ready and now setting up the levels. Hopefully we will have something cool at the end :)

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inacho_ • 5 years ago 

Hello! A first-timer game jammer here! I'm joining with two other friends as a team and we will try our best in 5th Alakajam.
We'll be sharing roles as much as possible and the goal is to practice and learn. And who knows what can happen?

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