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inacho_ • 2 years ago on 5th Alakajam! 

Hello! A first-timer game jammer here! I'm joining with two other friends as a team and we will try our best in 5th Alakajam.
We'll be sharing roles as much as possible and the goal is to practice and learn. And who knows what can happen?

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 • 2 years ago • 

Hey @thesunda
Do you have an idea for the tools you're going to use?

I know that you can join the alakajam discord server or the irc chat if you need anything!

Have fun!

(@thesunda)  • 2 years ago • 

Thanks @Lokior!

I'll certainly join the discord server. Engine-wise we'll probably stick with Stencyl, we found it to be easier to prototype when some members of the team don't have programming background. Audio we are inclined to beepbox or bfxr. Got nothing defined for graphics yet, though.

P.S: I'll definitely try pygames / godot in the future jams :)

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