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Hello Guys
Just updated my game (https://alakajam.com/1st-alakajam/77/potion-shop-ultra-hd-super-xl/)
for bugfixing and it put me back to the solo division. We're a team in fact...

Is there something we can do?



DA here, woke 3 hours ago, breakfast done and back to creating assets.
Team is bright with happiness and we're killing the Level Design. We're going for a full Doom/Wolfenstein environment potion shop kinda thing.

No screen shot of the actual thing yet, it will come soon enough

Here's a pic tho!


Hello boys and girls.
Programmers are figuring out how to implement their code in Unity, life's good.
LD is working with the DA asset
DA is the best looking guy around and make sure that people are hydrated and fed.

No screenshot yet, but soon.

Do not lose hope!


Hey guys, me and some friends (All ITs from different sphere) will participate for the first time in a jam as a team.

We still don't know what to expect but we're super hyped to be part of this.

We'll be using Unity, Audacity and Paint.net.

Still no super cool and/or cringy team name xD.

Let's do this! We'll have a lot of fun sharing our adventure with you guys and I cannot wait to see your projects as well!

Have fun and good luck this week-end!