Mushie Relics

Environmental Game - 3d FPS Platformer

Fluff: "Humanity is on the brink of extinction. You found info that shows that a artifact hidden in the temple will be able to create a panacea. It's your job to find it and help save the world"

Winning Condition: Gather the golden artifact and leave the temple.

You need to open doors, push buttons, collect (6)information tablet, jump platforms.

This is a 3D Exploration Game with some aspect of platforming, not to be taken seriously.

This is not an horror game. I aimed for an environnmental game. No voluntary Jumpscare

The luminosity of the game is low. Play in a dark environment.

Sound is mandatory, headset is a privilege but helps with the overall feeling

Keyboard/Mouse only (sorry)

All sounds comes from my guitar or from myself.

All assets were created during the jam

Thank you and have fun!

@me on Discord if you have any questions

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This game entered in the Solo competition (18 entries).

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  • 3 years ago • 

Intro music:
Sound: Audacity + mic
Voice: Lokior

 • 3 years ago • edited • 

Big fan of exploration games, which are quite difficult to make in such a short time! Nice game!

 • 3 years ago • edited • 

Lovely little atmospheric exploration - enjoyed wandering about the shroomy ruins. Fun dialogue lines and good lock & key-style level design. Jumping puzzles were a little frustrating, but doable. Wind sounds and monochromatic graphics really set the mood well.

 • 3 years ago • edited • 

Pretty fun game. I don't why you collect tablets and why they unlock a cage holding a golden mushroom.
The audio is good but the ambience doesn't loop well. The graphics are nice, though some of the walls are stretched. Sometimes it's hard to tell you have to use E on a wall and I don't get why you wouldn't use E to collect the tablets. Other than that this was a pretty good game, great job! Also is it supposed to end abbruptly? I couldn't really hear all of the last line because the game closed on me.

  • 3 years ago • 

@pikachurian Thanks for the great feedback. Yeah I made the mistake to change the delay timer 20 minutes before packaging and not long enough to test and to change minor things. You do miss one word at the end. and yes, I had to make the tough choice to stretch some walls to make it on time, you have a good eye!

@LiamLime Thank you so much :)

@alyphen I know, the platform were tweaked to be the mix of challenging and doable. The first few iteration, you had a 1/100 chance of making the last jump. Thank you for the great comment :)

 • 3 years ago • edited • 

I loved the dark atmosphere, in big part thanks to the superb audio and environment. Overall, I'm impressed by the level you've managed to create in mere 48 hours. Great job!

One thing, though. Weren't there supposed to be stairs to the exit in the last room (the one with gigantic mushrooms on which you had to parkour) by any chance? Or did I miss something after retrieving the artifact?

  • 3 years ago • 

@Fiszu once you collect the golden mushroom and you go to the third floor, another set of stair will come out of the wall if you get near enough. It leads to a secondary exit but I didn't want people to only get stuck looking for it. :) I should took the chance.

Thanks for the comment!

 • 3 years ago • 

@Lokior So it seems I didn't get lost! For me I think the stairs glitched inside the wall (I still could jump and somehow open the door, but not enter through them). I don't know if the bug is replicable or if it's even a bug, but that's what I figured.

 • 3 years ago • 

Nice work! I made it to the library. Very well put together. And solid voice acting!

 • 3 years ago • 

Looks like we had something in common in our interpretation of the theme and the atmospheric tone we wanted to set. :)

It's well done and invites exploration. I like that you got around to add puzzles and interaction in general. There's a lot to make for these kinds of games and some elements have to be left out. Still, solid enough to enjoy.

The sounds could use more variety and the loop in the wind noise becomes super apparent after a few minutes in. These games thrive on sounds - so throw in a lot of different ones to let the game speak for itself. I also was confused about the doors and went around in circles because I didn't hit the invisible box to open them.

Another thing I noticed - and that's just something from my experience, it could be exactly what you wanted - is the mix of exploration, puzzle and platforming. Try to get rid of one of these, as getting all of them right is really tough. In general, I'd suggest removing the platforming - 3D platforming requires many tricks to make it feel good and even then, it's not that fun in the end. If atmosphere and puzzles are already giving an enjoyable gameplay experience, it really doesn't need jumping to make it fun. It might even make the experience less enjoyable.

I like that you also did voice acting, makes me feel less alone doing so. Could use some EQ & Compression to allow your voice to sound full without risking loudness to feel off.

Anyways, well done!

 • 3 years ago • 

Interesting exploration game.

The level design, combined with the clear graphics and a flashlight that actually felt useful, made for a pretty atmospheric game! The sound did not loop well (with differently-sounding background-noise to the wooshing), but was otherwise atmospheric. Some extra sounds (e.g. footsteps or similar) would have improved the mood even more.

The voice acting was fun. The platforming felt a bit too imprecise to be enjoyable, although using huge mushrooms as actual platforms was a pretty fun choice. I guess the ancients workshipped mushrooms enough to even use them as stairs.

The level was fun to explore, with enough variety to encourage exploration.

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