Theme shortlist phase

The shortlist voting is now closed!
the remaining themes are being eliminated on stream, until only one remains…

My theme ideas


187 ideas
4233 votes
49 shortlist votes

How it works

  • The lowest ranking themes (having 20 votes or more) are eliminated regularly.
  • After one week, only the 20 best themes will remain. The longer the theme stands before elimination, the better it is!

Shortlist results

ScoreThe theme of the 11th Alakajam! is Ancient Ruins. Here are the detailed voting results:

  1. Ancient Ruins+1522
  2. Tiny world+1521
  3. To the stars+1519
  4. Mushrooms+1490
  5. Ancient Technology+1476
  6. Night+1474
  7. Swarm+1456
  8. Stellar journey+1439
  9. Unknown language+1426
  10. Hidden+916
  11. Decay+757
  12. Power+688
  13. Space+630
  14. It's spreading!+571
  15. Maps+491
  16. Out of sight+436
  17. Time travel+304
  18. Alien Invasion+205
  19. Pressure+124
  20. Distant Worlds+71