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Become the master of the ancient ruins, raise your ziggurat to the sky
by OddvarLookus
Karma: 90Team
You are an explorer trapped in an ancient ruin... can you unravel its mysteries?
Ruins of time
by Cuddl3s
Karma: 87Solo
another bullet hell platformer
Wandering Soul
by DaFluffyPotato
Karma: 77Solo
You are trapped in an ancient Egyptian tomb! Can you puzzle your way out?
Tomb Escape
by thomastc
Karma: 81Solo
Procure all the gems hidden in these ancient ruins, but minimize the damage you do to this invaluable cultural heritage.
Ruins & Riches
by Papaver, DiningPhilosopher
Karma: 106Team
Find the idol
The Monkey Idol
by benjamin
Karma: 92Solo
Puzzle game with lot of fire
Fire Casemate
by xilentor
Karma: 83Solo
Random Puzzles
Ruinx Cube
by elZach
Karma: 65Solo
Enter the ancient ruins and face eldritch dangers in this decision-based adventure game
The Scholar
by Fiszu, alpinus4
Karma: 98Team
8 bit exploration adventure
by voxel
Karma: 74Solo
Explore the ruins of an old temple and find your way out
by yozy
Karma: 106Solo
Purify the corrupted ruins of an ancient temple while its stones try to attack you.
Corrupted Temple
by Obelex
Karma: 89Solo
Zarguuf found some ancient ruins and decided to rattle some bones!
Zarguuf's Bone Crypt Adventure
by bradur, Juutis, M2tias
Karma: 108Team
Environmental Game - 3d FPS Platformer
Mushie Relics
by Lokior
Karma: 107Solo
Can you restore ancient building from ruins?
Restore it!
by DictorDro
Karma: 95Solo
A short narrative-driven atmospheric game about a sorcerer trying to feed his swarm of jellyfish.
by Odrez
Karma: 96Solo
Escape the rising water by scaling the ancient ruin. A very simple vertical platformer.
Flooded ruins
by sweMezza
Karma: 91Solo
A turn based dungeon crawler
Cecil Smith and the Lost Treasures of King Tutti
by automatonvx
Karma: 107Unranked
not really a game though
Little Maze
by alittleredpanda
Karma: 96Unranked
I'm sorry, but the princess is in another castle!
Ancient Ruins of the Mushroom Kingdom
by laaph
Karma: 92Unranked