Zarguuf's Bone Crypt Adventure

Zarguuf found some ancient ruins and decided to rattle some bones!

Zarguuf on his most recent holiday happened upon some ancient ruins. As is his way, he wondered in and decided to investigate!


Action Key
Move WASD / Arrow keys
Shoot fireball Right mouse button
Shoot Magic missile Left mouse button
Conjure magic wall Q + Left mouse button
Open spellbook I / Tab / Click button

When you level up, open spellbook and assign points to your spells! Remember to click done afterwards.

Known bugs

  • Spellbook needs to be closed by clicking the 'Done' button. The upgrades won't work otherwise.
  • Various pathing issues. Sometimes enemies are having hard time reaching you.

Voting results


This game entered in the Team competition (9 entries).

Comments (8)

  • 3 years ago • 

Trying hard to finish the game :(

 • 3 years ago • edited • 

I couldnt finish it, boss ramps up dificulty pretty fast, compared to previous levels,
I think UI elements get in the way, a little bit to much, liked the music!

 • 3 years ago • edited • 

Pretty hard. I colors of the game are a bit weird and washed out. The audio's good. Other than that great job!

 • 3 years ago • edited • 

Very nice, seems very polished and well put together. Got to the boss.

 • 3 years ago • 

I like the graphics and the audio design is fantastic!

As for the gameplay, it's really fun, but not flawless. On one hand I admire the upgrade system, enemies and general feel of the game, but on the other hand the camera movement is kind of dizzy and the health can't be replenished, which seriously hurts the game, as the difficulty is constantly being ramped up.

Overall, good job!

 • 3 years ago • edited • 

Quick thoughts.

  • I found it weird that the exit for each level is also where you came in, it doesn't really matter, just threw me off a bit.
  • The skeleton knights don't really give much challenge, they are easy to kite around, so feel a bit redunant.
  • The ranged enemies are also quite straightforward that just walking around the in circles slowly shooting them works well.
  • The wall spell is an interesting idea but I didn't find much cause to use it, especially as it meant moving a finger of W to Q that messed up my circling tactic.
  • Could have done with some more feedback when i took damage i sort of didn't notice quite a bit.
  • I'm assuming the levels are procedural, but they currently don't do much for the gameplay giving big open areas I can use my circling technique in.
  • I completely missed the levelling up component until I came back and reread the description.
  • Visuals are ok, sort of look a little bit strange, part pixel art, but not really, but they are ok
  • Really really liked the music (still letting it play now while i write the comments), but the sad relaxing feel is a bit of an odd choice for an action game.

Well there you go, probably just tweaking the enemy speeds a bit and level layouts would do quite a lot for the gameplay. Still good job.

 • 3 years ago • 

You definitely put all parts together that make an enjoyable experience, so there's a lot of potential here. Not only that - the game is easy to pick up and play, there's great visual feedback on what you do and the music fits the mood. So whatever is missing here is what could be added after a gamejam, because the time limit made it a necessity. I personally really don't like the art style (higher resolution pixel graphics) because it doesn't bring the charm of pixel art with it, while not reaching the fidelity of high resolution graphics. I'd move the game to either one direction or the other. I also feel like the graphics, while visually still pleasing, do announce "I am a gamejam placeholder" a bit too much. Some elements like the characters & scattered skeleton bones are more detailed, I like those.

Well done! Needs a bit more polish to shine.

 • 3 years ago • 

I'm wondering whether other people thought the purple skellie is the boss, since that's definitely harder than the goons before. I got to the level after, where I just got surrounded by mostly archers. It would have been nice to gain XP based on level instead of killing skeletons, since for speed it would encourage the player to try and run between the skeletons, rather than using a sort of tedious hit-and-run tactic. Good job on the game though, I like this genre and especially the limited vision was a nice touch for atmosphere and gameplay.

Edit: phew, made it to level 14 - wish there was some way of replenishing health, it's so hard not to take any damage from the ambush at the start of the later levels. And I suggest you turn on high scores for this game with the level number reached as the score :-)

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