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M2tias 5 months ago

At the beginning I had a vision. I started working on it and pretty much exactly after 48h I had my vision in my hands. Great jam. Thank you Alakajam community :)

M2tias 5 months ago

I'm making a Space Harrier clone about falling from grace :D
The story is that God sends Lucifer for a black ops mission and he has to disown him eventually.
Maybe it ends up being just an endless shooter if I don't have time to make enough levels and stuff.

M2tias 2 years ago


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# Game Score Date
by voxel
68'41"147 September 22nd 2018
Illustrious Escape
by Juutis , M2tias , bradur
3'35"025 March 15th 2019
Shinobi Blocks
by dwemthy
13 March 22nd 2019
by benjamin
75 September 15th 2018
Thyl's Tale
by Laguna , KaramBharj , Thunraz , xXBloodyOrange
2'17"700 September 22nd 2018
Super Office Retreat
by leovader , samsnow
169010 October 28th 2018
Electric Tango
by laaph
14199 March 22nd 2019
You are the Grimoire
by Aurel300
3'09"240 March 18th 2019
by thomastc
3375 March 21st 2019
Whirling Blades
by DaFluffyPotato
7'16"770 September 22nd 2018
Philosopher's Strike
by Wan , Thrainsa
27600 September 22nd 2018
Hunk Hustler
by sebastianscaini , Josh_Schwarm , Wulusi , carsonmackie
21 September 22nd 2018