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Search for Arryn: post-jam version available 0

Jokatti • 2 years ago 

We've added a post-jam version to our 12th Alakajam! -entry, Search for Arryn!

In this version, we're inching closer to how we wanted this game to end up as, by including some small visual tweaks. However, the main purpose of this version was to fix the bugs that remained in the jam build, and so we did, to provide a better playing experience for those that just want to check out the game. :)

There's definitely still things we would like to improve upon and add into the game. For example, audio is a major feature that we agree would add a lot to the game, so that is on top of the list for things to be added. Thus, we may return to develop the post-jam build to create more of a fully realized experience!

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