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Dungeon generation 0

bradur • 1 year ago 

So me and @Juutis decided to take a stab at some procedural stuff this jam. We are trying to create a sort of a roguelite. Here's the dungeon generator at its current form:

As you can see it takes a couple of tries to find a suitable configuration of rooms (I've set it to require at least 3 rooms for now so that there is an end and a start). I'm also removing dead ends because they do not good gameplay make.

We are in! 0

bradur • 3 years ago 

Better late than never.

Our team is the same as last Alakajam:

Timelapse 0

bradur • 3 years ago 

I finally got around to completing our timelapse for 2nd Alakajam. It features a webcam and screenshots captured with Chronolapse from me and @Juutis.

We are in Alakajam! #2 0

bradur • 3 years ago 

3️⃣✖️🤓 ➡️💻⌨️🖥️ ➡️🎮🏆🧙❗

Translation: We are three programmers who will make a game together for Alakajam! ranked.

We will all be programming but as for the other stuff, here's a list:
@bradur - sfx, music, UI
@M2tias - 2D art
@Juutis - 3D models, textures


  • Unity
  • Visual Studio
  • Blender
  • LMMS

I'm gonna try! 0

bradur • 4 years ago 

My first venture into 3D. It's gonna be hard to get something playable out, but I'm motivated!
Blender is still so difficult to use and I need a tutorial for everything but I'm going to make every model myself anyway.

Here's a gif of what I've got after a couple of nights.

I'm going to follow the theme and make the story the main focus.
See you on the other side!

Teleballtation is finished! 0

bradur • 4 years ago 

I had grand plans for 1st Kajam:
How did it turn out? Well, I managed to get a game out, and there is some polish to it, but nowhere near to what I had in mind.
It seems working on a game for a month or so is much harder than working on a game for just a weekend.

It was a pleasant experience anyhow, so no regrets.



bradur • 4 years ago 

So I started off with this (Friday)

(click the gif for better quality)

And continued with this (Sunday)

(click the gif for better quality)

And here I am now (Wednesday / Thursday night)

(click the gif for better quality)

À la Kajam 2

bradur • 4 years ago 

I have only ever done jams and compos that last for 48 - 72 hours. But I'm really loving the way Alakajam is coming along, so I figure I shoud give this month-long jam thing a try.

Usually I'm coding like crazy during a jam to make the game as feature-packed as possible. Unfortunately that often results in a buggy mess. So this time I'm trying to focus on delivering a polished experience.

This is how shiny my puzzle will be

The game won't be super innovative or complex but the menus will make you weep for joy! So, without further ado, here's my plan for the 1st Kajam:


I'm going to make a puzzle game because it's what I'm most comfortable with.

First week

  • Make it playable
  • Create at least five levels

Second Week

  • Force a friend to play-test
  • Implement suggestions / features from their feedback

Third week

  • Create more levels
  • Write music
  • Create sound effects

Fourth week

  • Polish the UI / user experience like crazy
  • Create more levels if there's time

Fifth week

  • Test rigorously and fix bugs
  • Polish the music & sfx
  • Create more levels if there's time

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Robocalypse Now
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Corrupted Temple
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