Being Plundered

In Being Plundered, you are a hard-working asteroid miner who dreams of rich life. Yet every time you get closer to your dreams, those damn space pirates show up and force you to spend your money on repairs.

Reach your dream goal of $100000 by mining asteroids and selling the ore, but watch out for the pirates!
The more ore and money you have, the more pirates there will be!




Key(s) Action
Arrows / WASD Movement
Esc / Z Pause
Alt / B Toggle radar
P Toggle music
O Toggle sfx

Only outside the space station

Key(s) Action
Space / Q Shoot cannon
Ctrl / E Fire laser

Only in a shop

Key(s) Action
Enter Buy / Sell


  • Use the laser on an asteroid. The asteroid will blow up eventually, netting you some ore!
  • When away from the space station, the green arrow points towards it
  • A good way to kite the pirates is to go backwards and shoot
  • Fire the laser AND the cannon at the same time when fighting pirates!
  • Use the radar!
  • Moving in the space station doesn't consume fuel
  • Pirates cannot into space (station)

Build info

  • I have only tested the WebGL & Windows builds


  • Unity3D & Visual Studio Community
  • LMMS for music & sfx
  • Paint.NET


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