Pirate Dilemma

Try to collect as much treasure as possible but be careful not to starve!

Try to collect as much treasure as possible but be careful not to starve!

You sail from island to island where you can fish or look for treasures. Each action consumes food and has a certain success rate. When you run out of food, you die and you see your score: your number of treasure.


Playable with the mouse.



  • Game made with Godot Engine
  • Sprite made with Aseprite
  • Music made with Ableton Live
  • Sounds made with ChipTone
  • Fonts from fontenddev.com

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This game entered in the Solo competition (12 entries).

Comments (9)

(@xXBloodyOrange) • 18 days ago • 

Omg! Your Pixelart is soooooo adorable!!!!
The maps, the islands, the color palette.. just absolutely adorable! Love it!
I also like the simplicity of the gameplay. And I had really fun playing it!

However, I felt like I often lost, even though my chances were 50:50. (Maybe I just don't have a lucky hand when it comes to gambling :D) (so thats not your fault, thats just me, being unlucky xD)
And I noticed, I have to swipe out of the map before I can click on something again. Like, for example: My boat landed on an island and I clicked the on the middle of 3 options. Then my boat goes to another island, I'm given 3 options again and I want to click the middle again first, I have to move the mouse first either to another option or out of the map before I'm able to click that spot again.
That said, I find myself wondering how lazy can one be.. I mean.. I am totally aware of complaining about having to move the mouse.. 😂

  • 18 days ago • 

Thanks for the feedback and the compliments! 🥰

Unlucky or not, maybe the game should be rebalanced to win fewer things but more often 🤔

And you're not lazy, having to move the mouse bothers me too, but I didn't fix it to save time 😅

 • 17 days ago • 

Really fun and very simple. One of the few games I played multiple times.

 • 17 days ago • 

Great interpretation of the theme! The pixelart is really well done and the music creates a nice carribean flair. I also felt pretty unlucky, given how many 75% or 80% chances I missed. :(

Anyway, I had a great time with this entry and I really enjoyed playing it multiple times. My highscore was 12 and I would like to see a more extended version of this, e.g. one with random events on some islands that would spice up the gameplay a bit.

Overall, very well done!

 • 17 days ago • 

The game was really fun to play!

There was enough variety in the generated events to make the decisions about which ones to choose feel meaningful, despite the randomness.

The music and pixel-art fit the game well (I especially liked the variety of islands sailing past), and the game was spot on the theme.

Nice work!

 • 17 days ago • 

Interesting concept but too limited I think. I like the idea of weighing up risk and reward, but I think there needed to be more choices and resources to make the choices you make more engaging. I did quite like the presentation and music, however.

 • 15 days ago • 

I really enjoyed the game but i think there wasn't enough to do. I got the highest score so far by spamming on everything that came up haha. Butttt I think this game really has an insane amount of potential!. I also loved the art and the music. So overall a great submission!

(@xXBloodyOrange) • 14 days ago • 

I already commented on your game, but I also played it on my stream:

:D so.. still love the art xD

 • 9 days ago • 

It's mainly a gambling game.

Since the odds are given, you can just do the math to figure out which options have a positive expected value, e.g.:

  • "Fish: 25% -2 +6" is bad: -2 + 0.25 * 6 = -0.5 fish
  • "Fish: 40% -1 +4" is good: -1 + 0.40 * 4 = +0.6 fish
  • "Fish: 50% -1 +3" is good: -1 + 0.50 * 3 = +0.5 fish
  • "Fish: 75% -3 +5" is good -3 + 0.75 * 5 = +0.75 fish

Whether treasure options should be chosen, depends on which ones there are in the game, as well as the expected fish value per island. If you can, on average, gain more fish than you lose, a simple strategy that yields infinite treasure is to only choose treasure while your fish counter is above some threshold.

If, on average, you lose more fish than you gain, it's more complicated. This seems to be the case, so that's the true titular Pirate Dilemma. In this case the optimal strategy depends on the distribution of treasure over the islands, and I'm sure it can be worked out without too much math, but I'm too tired to try right now.

  • "Treasure: 50% -1 +2": 1 treasure/fish
  • "Treasure: 50% -2 +4": 1 treasure/fish
  • "Treasure: 75% -1 +1": 0.75 treasure/fish
  • "Treasure: 80% -3 +4": 1.07 treasure/fish

That's it for the gameplay. The pixel art looks great, with clear sprites done in a limited palette. Some animations wouldn't have gone amiss, to breathe some more life into it. Music sounds pretty good too.

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