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Create islands with matching symbols to please your sister Hera
by thomastc
Karma: 91Solo
Help Zarguuf find the perfect beach for a relaxing time!
Hex on the Beach
by bradur, Juutis, M2tias
Karma: 112Team
Explore the museum of Alakajam! events and entries.
Museum of the Jam
by Antti Haavikko
Karma: 98Solo
short, relaxing delivery sim
Island Express Delivery Service
by Talia
Karma: 81Solo
Pirate Warmup
by Laguna, oOBloodyOrangeOo
Karma: 109Team
Try to collect as much treasure as possible but be careful not to starve!
Pirate Dilemma
by pimkeomi
Karma: 100Solo
Sail the high seas to unravel a ghost pirate mystery!
Wake of the Scarlet Siren
by esarkis, Balidoria, Hairykerr, Klaytronic, LucasMaliniak, Wingxvii, anitahehe
Karma: 117Team
Shower islands in gold!
Island Riches
by Somnium
Karma: 97Solo
Jump from island to island and try to reach the swords.
by TimTips
Karma: 74Solo
Divide and conquer your island nation
Rise of Island Nations
by DiningPhilosopher, Anni
Karma: 100Unranked
Help the Pirates get to their Treasure!
Plunder Conundrum
by AaronBacon
Karma: 74Solo
Doodle jump type platformer but island themed and a focus on speed running
Island Ascension
by Afrodisiac96
Karma: 102Solo
Destroy, Jump, Dodge
Aerial Blast
by Bklyn
Karma: 98Solo
by Psychic_Ash, Baconinvader
Karma: 101Team
Deliver packages to level up while fending off enemies!
Island Delivery
by Banana
Karma: 70Solo
Short metroidvania on a floating island
by Aurel300
Karma: 72Team
An incomplete witchflying thing
by voxel
Karma: 84Solo
A game about dodging crushers while jumping between floating islands!
by ProDuck99
Karma: 81Solo