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Hi! We’re a team of students/gamers/cool people, working together for the first time. Yay video games :)

We’ll be using:
Visual Studio
Google Docs

Miguel - Hello! I’m Miguel. This will be my first game jam I participate in. I work with music and sound design. I also work with Gamemaker engines. My best work is with 2D games I hope to learn more about 3D games in the future.but
John - I’m John one of the programmers on the team. I’m a student, I have some unity and game dev experience in the past. Very excited to make something for Alakajam this weekend!!
Elisha - I program video games! When I don’t do that I program things that aren’t video games at work instead. I started doing jams 2 years ago and now I can’t stop - send help!
Jessica - Hey! I’m Jessica. I’m a game development student and this will be my first game jam but have made a couple of games before. I will mostly be making game art. I mostly work in 2D using photoshop but currently expanding my knowledge on 3D.
Wu - General Programmer, 2D Artist, have 1 year experience working with Unity, can code and do art, have not done 3d games yet but willing to learn. Have knowledge of more advanced concepts (delegates, namespace, callback behaviour etc) in C# however need more practical experience to put them into use.
Dave - 2nd Game Jam, experienced 2D illustrator, learning graphic design and 3D. I like to put various media skills in art, writing, and video editing together and I look forward to working on a new project with new people.

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