Plunder Conundrum

Help the Pirates get to their Treasure!

Help the Pirates Plunder the 7 seas without crashing into islands or encountering enemy pirates!

Controls: Left click to select ships/islands

R to restart though this is untested jank so only use as a last resort

A short Microgame made in like 24 hours for the 16th Alakajam.

PS. trying to design puzzles in a few hours is difficult, also I suck at puzzle design.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (12 entries).

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 • 22 days ago • 

I enjoyed this. I will say that the web version (I played the web) had a few bugs. The main thing being that

rocks…. well I'm not afraid of navigating through them.

The only thing I would add is keeping the ship selected until you click on another ship so you don't have to click on the ship then island repeat every time.

Other than that though, I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun and very original.

  • 22 days ago • 

@Psychic_Ash Ah, this is why you dont hastily downgrade your project last minute lol, guess Unity cleared the layer that rocks are on. Well I've swapped it back now, so both versions are identical hopefully lol.

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it lol.

Also in regards to clicking the ship each time, I think at the beginning I had plans for more complex puzzles involving many boats (I even made a green Pirate sprite), which I guess is why I thought making sure each move was clear was clear was a good idea. In the end I only managed to get a few simple levels made, so I guess having you easilly control 1 ship would be easier.

 • 22 days ago • 

Having a puzzle game build around line-of-sight was an interesting concept.

The puzzle design was varied enough that you had to solve each puzzle using different approaches, so that was positive. I liked the feedback for "illegal moves" as well, with the obstacles becoming highlighted (an alternative/supplement could be to render the line you used to trace for collisions).

I enjoyed the game.

 • 20 days ago • 

I actaully really enjoyed this game. I think it actaully has decent potential. I'm sure there are some quiality of life changes like maybe adding a literal line of sight? not sure if that would make it too easy though?

But I liked the mechanics and it was very much "on theme" haha. Great job man!

 • 17 days ago • 

Nice game! Very simple but enjoyable and original. My only issue is that whether or not you could pass through rocks felt a bit random at points.

 • 17 days ago • 

Art feels a bit rough but the basic idea behind it is really nice. Bright colors, vector art. I like it. The game works perfectly but the game mechanic is a bit weird. I feel that the puzzles are not clear at all and the puzzle seems to be to guess what the level designer intended… Sometimes I was sure I could go from A to B but I couldn't and vice versa.

(@xXBloodyOrange) • 14 days ago • 

Heya I played your game on my stream.

I needed a hint that I'm able to move the other pirate as well.
So my audience helped me out there. ^^" other than that..
All in all a solid game :D I'd say

 • 14 days ago • 

I like how the title screen doubles as a tutorial level.

Since the black ship is introduced as a "rival", it wasn't clear to me that it needed to go to the treasure as well.

Would be nice if the ship remained selected after a movement.

Don't beat yourself up over the puzzle design. It seems fine to me!

 • 12 days ago • 

Nice little puzzle game. The game nicely fits the theme and I especially liked the levels with two ships. The controls are direct and easy to understand and the graphics are nice.
The biggest drawback was the sound. An easy solution would be to add some wave samples as ambience/background and an "aye!" sound for sending ships.

All in all a solid entry, which I enjoyed playing! Well done

  • 10 days ago • 

@Somnium Thanks, rendering the line probably would've been a fun addition. The puzzles were incredibly rushed which is reason they all have different approaches, I just came up with different simple ways you could be prevented from getting to a goal (needing a precise angle, needing to follow a certain route, needing to move a rival ship) and made a basic puzzle for each idea. Thanks for playing =)

@Afrodisiac96 yeh in retrospect having a line drawn from the selected ship to the cursor at all times may have made it clearer where the boat can and cant go, ah well, always next time. Glad you enjoyed it

@Baconinvader I think it possibly comes from the fact that the collision ray is cast from the base of the boat, so it can lead to some situations where it looks like most of the boat is going through rocks even if the base isnt.

@M2tias Thanks for playing, I did run short a bit on time which is why I couldn't really polish the levels and make the mechanics a little less jank. In retrospect theres some ambiguity about what the boat counts as hitting a rock since the raycast is never shown to the player.

@oOBloodyOrangeOo Thanks, I guess maybe I should've added a note that the goal is to get all pirates to the treasure, not just your starting one. I think i hoped the simple 2 pirate puzzle would make it clear you had to move both pirates to progress, since you dont have much of an option otherwise.

@thomastc Thanks, I think I watched playthroughs of puzzle games right before the jam, and many of them start in a similar way, with no menu and just going straight in. In regards to the Rival, I probably could've added a note lol.

@Laguna Thanks for playing, I sortof just cut it close to the deadline which is why I couldnt really find time add sound, but thanks for playing =)

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