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FrankenGameJam 2021
by Laguna
on Submission to Game Off 2021
Quasar Rush
by Laguna
on Submission to A Game By Its C...
Burning Glyphs
by Laguna
on Submission to 7dfps 2020
Tricky Tractor
by Laguna
on Submission to Franken Game Ja...
Daily Life
by Laguna
LDJam37 Hotel O
Hotel One Room
by Laguna
1hgj: Forest
by Laguna
procedural generation of world, characters and events
by Laguna
on Submission to PROCJAM - The P...
1hgj: Wizard
by Laguna
1HGJ: Run
Run for Coins
by Laguna
by Laguna
Ludum Dare 38: Small World
Dean's World
by Laguna
LD36 : Ancient Technology
Raiders of the Ancient Technology
by Laguna
An unconventional weapon
Tungsten Orbital Destroyer
by Laguna
Epic thunderstorm monkey fight with explosive bananas
Monkey Banana Wars
by Laguna
Help Dave find all Meteor Fragments
Meteor Dave
by Laguna
Help Piggy fly
Pig Jumper
by Laguna
A Game where you cure humans to make a business
by Laguna
LD31 Entire Game on one Screen
Frenzy Snowman Smasher
by Laguna
Devmania 2014. Theme: Memes
Shut The Fuck Up
by Laguna
Every time you make a typo the error
by Laguna
Have fun with a fully customizable world and tribe.
Intelligent Design
by Laguna
The classic Space Invaders
Space Invaders
by Laguna
Snake with a hexagonal twist
Hexagon Snake
by Laguna
A small open world puzzle game
Carpe Diem
by Laguna
You only get one die.
by Laguna
You've been trapped beneath the surface in Scofield Mine. Find a way out of it.
Escaping Scofield Mine
by Laguna
Destroy helicopters in juicy retro style
Respawn Attack
by Laguna
by Laguna
on Ludum Dare 27

The theme is modding 0

Laguna • 6 months ago 

The Theme for the fourteenth Kajam is “Modding”. This relaxed, month-long event will start on the fifth of January 2024 and last until the fourth of February 2024. There will be no ratings for this Kajam.

What does “Modding” mean?

Video game modding (short for "modification") is the process of alteration by players or fans of one or more aspects of a video game. This can include full conversions, gameplay changes, changes to the game’s content, e.g. textures, maps or configuration files.
While a lot of developers aim at building their own game from scratch, many have started out by modding their most favorite game.

This Kajam is all about modding.
Pick any of the games you enjoyed playing and get creative. Can you add a new quest to that RPG? Or add a new map for players to enjoy? Perhaps there is a character model that you always wanted to see in that game? Or you can create a new gameplay system for any of the classic games? Let’s have some fun while creating and playing mods together!

What are the rules?

For this Kajam you can work solo or in a team.
You have four weeks to create and submit your entry, starting on the fifth of January 2024, ending on the fourth of February 2024.
Every game that you can legally mod is allowed and the use of third party assets is also allowed. You can even mod any of your own games!

Detailed rules here

Now, start your engines and join this Kajam!

The Jam is over 0

Laguna • 1 year ago 

The jam is over. Long live the jam.
Great job everyone on submitting 21 awesome games. And a big "thank you" to everyone for playing the game of reviewing and rating and commenting each other's entries. You can find the full rankings below.

Solo winners | Team winners | Unranked games

Big congratulations to all the winners!

Dates of the next Events

The next Kajam will be a Multiplayer Kajam. After the awesome success of the last Multiplayer Kajam, we decided to go for another round in the month of June 2023 for one month of relaxed gamedev and a joint online gaming session. So make sure to book the date. Hope to see you then :)

In September we will have a feedback fortnight and End of October there will be another Alakajam, but there will of course be separate announcements for those events.

If you want to stay up to date, join us on Discord

The theme is multiplayer 0

Laguna • 1 year ago 

The Theme for the thirteenth Kajam is “Remote Multiplayer”. This relaxed, month-long event will start on the second of June 2023 and last until the second of July. There will be no ratings, but a dedicated gaming session after the jam.

What does “Remote Multiplayer” mean?

By definition multiplayer means that more than one person can play in the same game environment at the same time. Remote means that you play together over some sort of network and that you don’t have to sit next to each other.

What might sound as a daunting endeavor, is the chance to start thinking about games you usually wouldn’t do on a GameJam. Normally GameJam entries specialize on singleplayer experiences.
However multiplayer games allow for quite some different gameplay and a lot of unique situations for, well, multiple players.

This Kajam is all about multiplayer.
Let’s learn about the technical details of multiplayer games, like network protocols, serialization, buffers, lag prevention and other topics!
And most importantly: Let’s have some fun while creating and playing multiplayer games together!

What are the rules?

For this Kajam you can work solo or in a team.
You have four weeks to create and submit your entry, starting on the second of June 2023 and ending on the second of July.
Every Language, Framework or Engine is allowed.
The use of third party assets is allowed. You can even add multiplayer functionality to an already finished game!

Detailed rules here

Now, start your engines and join this Kajam!

The gaming session sounds great! How can I join?

Thank you! The gaming session will happen shortly after the end of the Kajam. A poll for the date will be sent out right after. We will meet online at the alakajam discord server and have fun playing the games which were created during the jam and have a great time together. You are very welcome to join even if you did not take part in the jam.

The theme is River 0

Laguna • 1 year ago 

With the theme now revealed, the 17th Alakajam! has started. Let's make games :)

If you're entering the competitive, ranked jam, and are unsure what you're allowed to do, please check this page for the detailed rules of the jam (in particular the "What is allowed?" section).

Submission times

The end of the jam is depending on whether you pick ranked or unranked. You can create your game page at any time during the jam (and update it any time after it's created):

  • Ranked: February 26th 7:00pm UTC, which means you have 48 hours (+1 hour for late entries to create their page).
  • Unranked: February 27th 10:00pm UTC, which means you have a bit more than 72 hours.

Big thanks to @alyphen for hosting the launch stream! If you missed it, you can still find it on the Twitch channel.

Cool things to do during the jam

  • Write a blog post: Share your thoughts on the theme, post your progress, images of food or gifs of cute animals. You can also free to use posts for advertising live jam streams.
  • Tweet about #alakajam and follow the alakajam Twitter account
  • Initialize your game page early!

Have a nice week-end all of you, and see you on the other side!

17th Alakajam 0

Laguna • 1 year ago 

The 17th edition of our 48 hour game jam starts on Friday February 24th 2023!

The event is about making a game, from nothing, in a weekend. Teams or solo devs, beginners and professionals are all welcome to participate. If you opt-in to the competition, you will get to be ranked against every other contestant! Or if you prefer a more relaxed setting, maybe even work on your current hobby project, the unranked jam will still give you an opportunity to get plays and comments.


Dates Phase Description
February 10, 7pm UTC Theme submission and voting You can submit theme ideas for the jam and vote for all other submissions.
February 20, 7pm UTC Theme shortlist Only the best 10 themes are kept. Rank them by order of preference in this final phase of theme voting.
February 24, 7pm UTC THE JAM!!! Start making a game solo or as a team, and simply submit it before the deadline!
February 26, 7pm UTC End of ranked jam The main competition ends here, exactly 48 hours after the start time. Submissions will remain open for an additional hour after the deadline.
February 27,10pm UTC End of unranked jam If you want to go for a relaxed weekend - or need more time - you can create a game in the 72 hours of the unranked jam.
March 12, 7pm UTC Results After two weeks during which all entrants are invited to play, rate and comment on other peoples games… The results are released and the winners crowned!


There are three divisions:

- Solo, in which you make a whole game alone in 48 hours
- Team, in which any number of persons can gather to make a game in 48 hours
- Unranked, a more open division which grants about 72 hours to finish the game. Useful for those not interested in the competitive aspect of the event, want to work on an existing project of theirs, or simply did not finish their game in time.

See the full rules for the Alakajam.

How to enter

All you need to do is:

  1. Create an account on this website
  2. Publish your game before the deadline

A lot of participants also post an "I am in" blog post presenting themselves or their team before the event. Describe what tools and frameworks and engines you will use to create your awesome game! Which themes do you like? Let us and the community know!

If you can, feel free to spread the word about the jam - the more we are, the merrier! glhf ;)

The jam is over, long live the jam! 0

Laguna • 1 year ago 

Congratulations everyone! The Ranked part of the 16th Alakajam is over, so "well done" to everyone who managed to develop a game during the weekend.
The Unranked Part will continue for another 24 hours. You have until September 12,10pm UTC to submit your unranked entry.

For the next two weeks, all entrants are be able to give ratings on other games. Take some time to play & rate games. Getting constructive feedback is one of the best ways to learn and improve one's game design skills, so please dish it out in buckets. While people who didn't enter the event cannot rate games, they can still post reviews and comments, which is highly appreciated.
Of course you can also enter your higschores for the games that allow to do so.

By playing & rating & commenting (even on Unranked entries), you will gain Karma that will make your game more visible to others. A high Karma gives you more chances to get ratings yourself and reach the minimum of 8 to be classified. Otherwise, you will not get a final ranking!

On September 25th, at 7pm UTC the final results will be released and the winners crowned :)

Submission deadlines 0

Laguna • 1 year ago 

Dear Jammers,

The submission deadlinei is approaching.

  • Ranked (Solo/Team): You have a bit less than 8 hours left. Please stop working at Sunday, September 11th 7:00pm UTC
  • Unranked: You have an additional 24 hours left. The dealine is Monday, September 12th 10:00pm UTC.

There will be an additional submission grace period of one hour for you to upload your game

Happy jamming and good polish everyone!

We are in 0

Laguna • 1 year ago 

BloodyOrange and I will join the 16th Alakajam. This time just the two of us (compared to the 14th Alakajam where we participated in a group of 6).

I will use my JamTemplate as a starting point for coding and Reaper for music, SFXR for sounds.
BloodyOrange will use aseprite for art and if needed Tiled.

We will try to aim for a smaller game, but let's see what we end up with.

Congratulations - The Tournament is over 0

Laguna • 2 years ago 

The 7th Alakajam Tournament is over!
Congratulations to the winners Synchronleuchter (with an all-gold streak), M2tias and AaronBacon

Give them a proper round of well deserved applause here at the leaderboard.
You will be contacted shortly to discuss selection and shipping of the prizes.

Of course Alakajam will have it's next event soon: Stay tuned for the 12th Kajam which starts at the end of April.

The Tournament is LIVE! 0

Laguna • 2 years ago 

The 7th Alakajam tournament is live!

Lets have a introduction of our Games

  • 666 Coins A "Thief" like stealth game where you need to steal "jamicians" from a procedurally generated world
  • Funguy Grow your adorable little funguy to the top as fast as possible
  • Funky Trip A action RPG in which Fungus Mc.Shroom fights the evil crystal Pinky in a cake world
  • Giant Mushbot Deal with being a GIANT MUSHBOT!
  • Path of the Shaman Piecefully collecting shrooms on a walk.

Good luck to all contestants.

If you have not heard about it, there will also be prizes for the top three contestants!

High scores

1 x12 x13 x1
by Kleinzach
40250 September 7th 2018
Path of the Shaman
by bradur, Juutis, M2tias, Pinuiini
2921 March 27th 2022
Thyl's Tale
by Laguna, KaramBharj, Thunraz, oOBloodyOrangeOo
2'41"300 September 14th 2018
Funky Trip
by Laguna, Aneira, Synchronleuchter, Thunraz, adkiem, oOBloodyOrangeOo
6'19"390 April 10th 2022
Fairy Rings
by Obelex
1092 March 11th 2022
by benjamin
70 September 23rd 2018
Fungal Growth
by Cuddl3s
March 12th 2022
Philosopher's Strike
by Wan, Thrainsa
27500 September 10th 2018
by nicso
3'20"668 April 5th 2022
by euske
63 April 10th 2022
Whirling Blades
by DaFluffyPotato
2'46"067 September 23rd 2018
by voxel
2'57"710 September 9th 2018
Hunk Hustler
by sebastianscaini, Josh_Schwarm, Wulusi
September 10th 2018
Electric Tango
by laaph
418 May 18th 2019