Retro Shoot 'em up

Exterminus is a Retro Shoot 'em up game inspired on old arcade games like Galaga, Space Invaders and the like.

A and D to move left and right. Space Bar to shoot. Difficulty levels up every 5000 points. Go for a high score!

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 • 5 years ago • 

Definitely a well-implemented Galaga-like game: I liked the title music, the variety of different enemies and attack patterns. The build-up in difficulty is just-right: doesn't get too challenging too quickly, but you notice it getting harder.

 • 5 years ago • 

What I liked most was the art for the enemies, I really enjoyed their animations, especially the bee-like monsters for some reason. I agree that their variety and movement patterns are quite fun.

Gameplay-wise the game was quite good, although I personally would have liked it more if it was a tad bit more difficult, and a bit more fast-paced. That way it would have been more engaging for me, making me want to play multiple times to beat my high score. I didn't know Galaga, but looking at gameplay videos it does seem like the original is faster & harder.

Also the shields & yellow circles represent the enemy waves right? I thought at first it was some kind of counters for enemies that passed by, then I thought it was a shield that protected me from shots to some extent.

Anyway, the retro feel is pretty much there, the art & music work well together. Once the game is started we immediately forget it's a Unity game so nice job :)

 • 5 years ago • 

This was fun. I liked the pixel graphics and title theme. The gameplay felt good and it was nice to have a variety of enemies. The difficulty increase was good but I didn't really understand the yellow dots and shields at the bottom right.
Should've kept the music going during gameplay and a pause feature would've been nice but other than that it was really well polished.
Nice one!

 • 5 years ago • 

pretty retro - i'm pretty fond of a classic shmup so fine by me. For me I found the difficulty needed a faster ramp up to keep it interesting, I was going for quite a long time with no issue at all but then near the end it seemed to suddenly get a lot harder, with way more waves apearing at once and seemed a lot faster, so I died and lost all my lifes in like a 30s. There was a bit of variation in attack patterns that was nice, would have liked more, but can't ask for too much in jam game. Pixel art was pretty nice too, liked the player ship particularly. If it was going for more galaga style I prefer the separate stages/levels, somehow I think it helps with the pacing to keep things interesting.
Nice job overall.

 • 5 years ago • 

Awesome shoot em up! I like those kind of games and you did put quite a lot of effort in it, which pays off. The scrolling background and sprites create a very nice visual impression. Having multiple enemy patterns is awesome an requited you to create quite a lot of content.
The learning curve is just right. It stats of at an easy level, but gets quite stressful later. Good job here.
If you could improve on something, I'd suggest going for a nice backbround music and some variation in the shooting sound (just create 3-5 versions with different pitch and play a random one).

Other that that, great entry with quite some content!

 • 5 years ago • 

@automatonvx I beat your first place. :D

 • 5 years ago • 

Good job! That's a pretty shoot 'em up that fits the theme perfectly. As others before, I liked the variation in the enemies and movement patterns. The menu music was nice, but I'm missing music during the game. The difficulty progresses properly and doesn't get too hard too quickly.

I've got a high score of 24350 on my first try. :D

 • 5 years ago • 

Ahh the classic shoot 'em ups. I feel that this game emulates not only the feel and play but also the look of classic games. I had a great time playing it.

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