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Well made it eventually.. 2

automatonvx • 3 years ago 

Didn't make it up in time for the 48hr deadline, but at least uploaded for the Unranked section. Although I think I must have accidentally set it up as Solo and now I can't change it, maybe Monsieur Admin can help me set it to unranked as it should be please :) ?

I feel like I should post something about lessons learned, but I make the same mistakes every jam so lets not pretend next time will be any different.

  • Used the less than most stable version of Unity that gave me no benefits and might have wasted a bit of time wondering why setting the font sometimes worked and sometimes didn't.

  • Spent too long drawing pixel art tilesets that didn't actually work anyway, too much time drawing assets that are hardly ever seen and not enough time with the ones that fill the screen like 95% of the time.

  • Gameplay is not that interesting, didn't worry too much about combat not being that exciting because I thought "ah its not really about the combat" but actually didn't have time to add that non combat stuff anyway, so it sort of is about combat, but either way if you have a mechanic you might as well make it as interesting as it can be, and if I had spent more time play testing earlier I might have realised there was some quite easy stuff I could have done to make it more strategic and interesting.

Anyway next week starts the 7 Day Roguelike so maybe I'll make a sequel for that and expand it with some more interesting mechanics and maybe even procedural levels.. sounds like a stretch already.

Anyway despite all the usual issues I still had a lot of fun making a thing

P.S I'm still working on the previous raycasting jam too ….if that ever gets to be playable I'll post a link.

New London based Indie Game Company Hiring C# unity programmer and a Pixel Artist 0

automatonvx • 5 years ago 

Hi everyone, don't mean to be spamming with non jam stuff, but thought it might be of interest to a few people here.
The company I work at is looking to hire 2 roles, A programmer (C# Unity), and an artist (mainly pixel art), more details on the website
and reddit post with original ad
its on site only in offices in London, UK, so no remote only I'm afraid.

Seems weird to have to say it but, just in case it's not obvious, Both roles are paid in actual real money, that can be used in exchange for food, shelter and other basic necessities, just like a normal job :)
Well thanks for reading

Pico platformer 4

automatonvx • 5 years ago 

pixel art platformer in pico-8 hopefully that ticks enough retro boxes

So far going pretty ok for a first time in pico-8, and its easy to export gifs too :D

Only missing - Art, Sound and a Full level 1

automatonvx • 6 years ago 

Do have most of the mechanics

I Included a picture just to prove that yes I am really missing art work

Oh And I woke up to find unity had 'misplaced' some of me scene information.

Usually people only seem to post pictures of stuff that looks amazing, - I thought I would try and make everyone who's project is looking in a worse state feel a bit better that at least they aren't alone.

It will hopefully be a turn based squad game - imagine xcom only missing most of the features. Sounds promising right? ;)

Me too - I'm In 0

automatonvx • 6 years ago 

Done a bunch of game jams since my first ludum dare over a year ago, so much fun it turns out they're sort of addictive.
Probably try and stick to 2d this time because trying to make 3d assets is just a massive time sink for me.

Tools most likely:

  • Unity
  • Aseprite
  • Reaper
  • Bfxr (If I am feeling lazy for sfx)

Will try and aim for something thats actually fun to play, always somehow seems to be less obvious than it should be.
Looking forward to the jam and to playing through everyones games afterwards.
Good Luck!

Phew - Got something up anyway 2

automatonvx • 6 years ago 

My game Endless Assault submitted.
Not as juicy as i was hoping, but had fun making it and I learned a bit more about unity's lighting and particle effets so overall ok.

Getting Impatient 2

automatonvx • 6 years ago 

The grotesque voxel people are looking nervous pacing back and forth, they must be getting anxious for the start of the jam.
(Was just trying on options for getting animated characters out of magica voxel, I think the smooth rotations look better)

I'm in 1

automatonvx • 6 years ago 

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh these jams are addictive. Only started doing them pretty recently and done the last 3 Ludum Dare and had so much fun.
After years of messing around with game dev, game jams finally got me to finish some games and get other people to play them, probably because they taught me to embrace the strange world of programmer art.

Looking forward to have a game jam on european friendly times. Also I tried and failed to complete an entry for the Dragon Jam, probably because i tried to start from scratch in C++ and make an RPG, so this will be a chance for another shot.


  • Unity (probably) or maybe phaser, or monogame, maybe even C++ and SDL ;),
  • Aseprite or Blender
  • Reaper, maybe bfxr if i'm low on time

Heres a character from the C++ game i'll be putting on hold for the jam, I went for the gameboy palette, and if you working in 4 shades of green why wouldn't you make a Cthulu character right?

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