Well what is a better duel than a boss fight. so there you go.

Not much to say, shoot the strange head things, controls WASD or arrows, right ctrl to fire. Thats it.

Might be kind of hard ;)

Font used was oxanium, rest is all from scratch.

It was meant to look a lot prettier, but ran out of time before I got a chance to add enough bloom to cover up the poor 3d modelling :)

I'll upload a mac and linux build later.

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3 months ago

I feel like W and S are inverted

3 months ago

The game is nice but too hard for me xD

3 months ago

I agree with @apagani, W and S definitely feel like they should be the other way around. The music fantastic considering you're the sole developer. I think this game could've benefited by incorperating some standard bullet hell mechanics. Such as faster movement with a key for slowing down. I felt like I was moving a bit too slow to move out of the way of some things. Also, the hitbox felt a bit big. Typically games like these feel better if the hitbox is smaller than what the thing you're controlling looks like.

Good work though!

2 months ago

Well, as DaFluffyPotato already addressed the potential shmup related improvements, I'll have to think of something else. How about taking full advantage of the circular arena?

Currently there is no reason to move towards the center of the arena and only one reason to circle it: destroying those initial targets. It is much easier to just stay near the bottom anyway as the controls "flip" on the other side. Rotating the camera would solve this issue, but not the first.

The natural answer is with bullet patterns which completely cover a part of the screen, for instance the cardinal directions. Bullets moving horizontally could be used to block the back or front of the arena, forcing the player to move forwards and backwards.

Another possibility is limiting the ammo count and spawning in ammo pickups in random positions around the arena, one at a time. The boss monster could also expose critical weak points towards different directions. The size of the arena itself could also change, or alternatively the size of the boss monster.

Lastly, when it comes to shmups I would always like to see a 0 HP (no hits) mode. There is something very compelling about trying to complete a level, or a boss battle, without taking a hit.

A functional project, but the scores aren't going to be great.

Overall: Average (5.0)
Graphics: Below Average (4.0)
Audio: Above Average (6.0)
Gameplay: Above Average (6.0)
Originality: Below Average (4.0)
Theme: Average (5.0)

2 months ago

I think the difficulty is just about right! I didn't finish, but I got the sucker down to 3 heads after a few tries, and would have gotten there with a bit more practice. I particularly like the different bullet patterns. Controls and everything feel smooth, but I would like to be able to shoot down the boss's bullets.

The music is pretty good, adding to the atmosphere without being distracting. There could be some more sound effects, e.g. when the bullet pattern changes, but I understand it's a game jam :)

Graphically, not super interesting, but not too horrible either ;)

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