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Repeat the past to change the future! What is the true color of victory?
Color War Chrono: Paint Paradox
by qst0
Karma: 105 Solo
Kill your enemy with the power of Rock'n'Roll!
Guitar Spell
by isubka, AlvarFM, AlvaroRG, Sercante
Karma: 79 Team
Umbrella mechanics
Bullet Rain
by Raindrinker
Karma: 77 Solo
Short platforming game where you're a little bunny trying to escape a cave, thing is, you're competing against a turtle.
Carrot Cave
by veryeviltomato, Antkibo
Karma: 87 Team
Become the Last Ace by proving yourself against the best pilots around!
The Last Ace
by Juutis, M2tias, bradur
Karma: 100 Team
Wanted alive or alive!
Rootin' Tootin' & No Shootin'
by sebastianscaini, birdpun, tschiefer
Karma: 79 Team
A duel must be. Define your steps. And may the best moustached person win.
Code of Honour
by thomastc, martenveldthuis
Karma: 106 Team
Short point 'n click adventure about "hacking".
Silicon vs Neuron
by Aurel300
Karma: 82 Team
push the white ball into your opponent
Bouncy Shots
by DaFluffyPotato
Karma: 94 Solo
1vs1 platformer
Ceci est un duel!
by pimkeomi, Ilkalys
Karma: 115 Team
by Filo, Baguetteness, Chandalf
Karma: 127 Team
Can you win a duel with knives?
by DictorDro
Karma: 81 Solo
In the old west, people live and die by the cards.
by innomin
Karma: 87 Unranked
Read the name again
Button Cat Fantastic: Sign Extravaganza Time
by HuvaaKoodia
Karma: 137 Unranked
An Experimental Visual Novel
Connect the Wounds
by Raccoon_JS
Karma: 103 Unranked
Game for AlakaJam and ECJam
Connect Knight
by ajjamgames
Karma: 98 Unranked
What happens when even the smallest decisions require a battle?
To Be Social
by SnowFox
Karma: 99 Unranked
Duel, but you're not dueling, you're doing the countdown
Duel, but you're not dueling
by Hempuli
Karma: 92 Unranked
An online typing game
by Wan
Karma: 104 Unranked
Boss fight Shoot em up
by automatonvx
Karma: 97 Solo