Connect Knight


player1: q,w,s,a,e

player2: numpad 4,5,2,1,6 (toggle numlock if not working)

create pattern using q,w,s,a / 4,5,2,1 and press e / 6 to execute pattern


qw / 45 : attack up left

wq / 54 : attack up right

as / 12 : move left

sa / 21 : move right

qs / 42 : attack down right

wa / 51 : attack down left

q / 4 : defend up right

w / 5 : defend up left

a / 1 : defend down right

s / 2 : defend down left


Game for AlakaJam and ECJam




Comments (3)

4 months ago

Pretty tough to figure out at first, but a neat idea.
I was thrown off by the almost wasd almost num-pad arrow controls before I just took the cheat sheet and had it open to the side of the game. Then it was pretty easy to show another person how to play.
Great job on the game, the idea has potential with a bit of work on the UX. This would be great on a controller.

4 months ago

Sorry about the controls, Wanted to implement reconfigurable keys but did not get enough time.
And also about the UI. Hate UI programming and I am not really a good UI designer.
But I will try to implement your suggestions if I decided to expand the game in future,
Anyways, Thank You for playing my game.

3 months ago

A very interesting design with pleasant visuals and audio.

I didn't have a pal (or a numpad) to play with at the ready, but I'll certainly give this a go with two players eventually.

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