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sebastianscaini 14 days ago

Check out WizKnight!!

We only have a few more to go! we'll return the favor and rate the games of everyone who rates ours so come drop by and give WizKnight a play!

sebastianscaini 19 days ago

Check out WizKnight!!

We'll prioritize rating the games of anyone who rates and comments on WizKnight some come trade ratings with us!

sebastianscaini a month ago

Check out WizKnight, our entry for this Alakajam!


sebastianscaini a month ago

I'm back for another Alakajam! I'm looking forward to jamming with everyone again!

Follow me on Twitter to keep up with my progress!

Check out my previous entries too:

4th Alakajam: Falling in Love

3rd Alakajam: Hunk Hustler

2nd Alakajam: You Can't See Everything at Once

sebastianscaini 5 months ago

It's you last chance to rate Falling in Love!

As always, we'll return the favor for rating and leaving a comment by playing and commenting on your game! So be sure to drop us a rating so we can give yours a play too!

And since it's Screenshot Saturday, here's a new and exciting gameplay GIF for you to enjoy!

sebastianscaini 5 months ago

The soundtrack from Falling in Love is now available on Soundcloud!

Listen on Soundcloud.

If you haven't given the game a try yet, play it here!

sebastianscaini 5 months ago

We're at 9 ratings! Only one more to go before we qualify for rankings!!!

Will you be our 10th rating?

sebastianscaini 5 months ago

Hey there, we still need more ratings!

Come Play Falling in Love, our high speed crystal dodging action dating sim.

As always, if you rate our game and drop a comment, our team will come rate yours too!

So drop by Falling in Love and give it a play!


sebastianscaini 5 months ago

Check out Falling in Love, my team's entry! Fall in love while you fall to your death in this action packed dating sim!

Check it out and drop us a rating, we'll be sure to rate your games as well!


sebastianscaini 5 months ago

It's Screenshot Saturday so take a look at my team's (work in progress) game!

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Hunk Hustler
by sebastianscaini , Josh_Schwarm , Wulusi , carsonmackie
33 June 25th 2018
Whirling Blades
by DaFluffyPotato
1'54"060 September 19th 2018