Falling In Love


You never thought you'd end up tied down to just one person, but sometimes that's what happens when you fall in love. No seriously, literally falling in love!!

Avoid getting too tongue tied on your first date and you might actually survive this after all.


  • Unity
    • iTween
    • Fungus
  • FMOD
  • Photoshop




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a year ago

It looks very interesting, but unfortunately I'm on a Mac..
Cute graphics tho.

a year ago

A charming combination of a dating sim and an arcade game. At first I didn't realize I was supposed to control the falling in lovees. Was confused why I kept dying 😂. Really like the writing. It's hard to concentrate on reading because you have to control the falling at the same time, which is kind of cool.

Beautiful graphics. Would have liked to see detailed heads next to the dialogue, I was sometimes confused who was talking since my characters were at the edge of the screen.

Music was great! Very fitting for this kind of game.

a year ago

I love this experience. The controls are awkward, the conversation is awkward, the slow and inevitable vanishing of the health bar is awkward. Brilliant concept, great visual, audio, narrative. The gameplay is frustrating because I want to hear more of the date and I feel doomed. <-- It works, BUT, how cool would it be to have this as a two-player game WASD + Arrow Keys, and as the tongue-tied lovers rotate around you end up dragging each other into spike after spike. Totally gratuitous, just a thought.

One critique: I did the first playthrough with the characters completely offscreen. Very distancing. The second time they were offscreen on the bottom instead. I believe some boundaries that keep the characters onscreen at all times would increase connection. Possibly different-colored text might help as well to determine who is talking. Even when onscreen I wanted to know more clearly which character was which (though even that ambiguity is technically thematic, if that's what you want).

10/10 for Theme. Great job overall!

Thank you for all your hard work on this. If you ever get the chance please hold it up to Roger Ebert and say, "Video games are art. Play this."

a year ago

What a perfect game. I really liked the concept and the graphics were nice as well

a year ago

Loved the music! Sets a really nice and cheerful mood for the date, which is great with the juxtaposition of falling to your doom. Very creative, and unique idea as well, id be really intrested in hearing the process of how you came to lizards getting toung tied, falling through a cave with crystals.
Great submission overall!

a year ago

I liked this game, but still havent survived the fall, gotta say its my fav 'love' themed game of the jam. Even mentioned it here on this post
Good job guys!

Team Sky-Angels
(@DayPixelGamer) • a year ago

i really love graphic of the game

a year ago

That was really great. I checked this out after you guys made your post. Really neat, and I can't get over how you intigrated both story, graphics, and gameplay into such a nice playthough for the player! Great job

a year ago

muhehehe :D super inovative and original and funny :D thank you! Rated highly

a year ago

Very cool combination of genres, though they felt pretty unconnected. I would have liked the falling game to somehow interact more with the dialogue, or vice versa. The graphics were nicely done, I liked the character designs quite a bit. I was thrown off a bit by getting some of the same dialogue multiple times in the same run, which didn't feel the best.

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