sebastianscaini 10 months ago on 4th Alakajam entry Falling In Love

We're at 9 ratings! Only one more to go before we qualify for rankings!!!

Will you be our 10th rating?

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10 months ago

@sebastianscaini You know that you need to rate games to have ratings in return?
81 in karma means you haven't rate many games. If you rate games your karma goes up and people will rate you. And don't worry, there is still plenty of time to get the 10 ratings

10 months ago

@Thrainsa I'm very aware of that. This week has been a crunch week for me for work and school, but I'm off next week to play catchup.

Giving anyone who rates mine in advance an IOU so I can rate theirs when I have time. I'm a mans of my word, rated over 350 LD games once with this promise because they all rated mine.

I'm just trying to push to 10 in advance to have a safety net.

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