Rootin' Tootin' & No Shootin'

Wanted alive or alive!


Howdy there, stranger! Welcome to Gatorstone. This here town’s a quiet little place. We mine and farm and mind our own business. But lately those Marsh Gang Rebels have been terrifyin’ the townsfolk out there among the willows and causing all sorts a hullabaloo!




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 • 5 years ago • 

At 10 i figured out there is no ending and the difficulty wasnt rising :( I would have really liked either.

As always, your characters are sooo colorful and have SO MUCH charm and personality. Loved the random wanted posters. The music is top notch and the gameplay, as simple as it is, really works. My first concept before saying yeehaw and going for the umbrella thing was very similar to this, dueling reformatted as a rythm game of sorts.

Amazing work as always :D

 • 5 years ago • 

Ok this was great, i would have liked some variation in the enemy characters or some escalating difficulty but as a whole it was pretty darn good. Also great intro and music!

 • 5 years ago • 

Excellent sound and music, settled the mood pretty well for me. Would've liked different designs for enemy characters, difficulty didn't seem to ramp up that significantly, but this is a jam and we know most developers don't want to deal with hard games anyway lol.

 • 5 years ago • 

Lovely music and nice artwork. Congratz!

 • 5 years ago • 

Godly music; the setting is very well done. Would have liked somethin' more cowboy-ish as background, but hey this is very nice!

 • 5 years ago • 

Howdy, (I don't want to get arrested for forgetting that!) I was really enjoying the characters, music and color pallet. I was a little turned off to the game at first because I had a controller plugged in and it was making it almost impossible to play, lots of notes, unforgiving. Keyboard was a bit easier, but without life points getting a restart for even a slight miss is brutal. Then once you get the hang of it the keyboard is really easy or depending on how the steps come out for you it feels it can get easier rather than harder. Love the story and the reasons why the baddies are getting dodged. Music fit perfectly. Maybe too much of that sweet sweet rumble on death for the controller too.

 • 5 years ago • 

Pretty cool arrow/button match game with no room for missing.
I'd say Gatorstone needs a better sheriff than my skills provided.
I couldn't hang around that one-horse town, I love wearing my shirt as pants.

 • 5 years ago • 

My first question was.. how many guitarist you have in your team?
Great execution of a rythm game.
Great music.
Pretty and artsy. What you should expect for this genre.
Not super challenging or maybe I'm used to that kind of game. Maybe you could add fluff in your design to try and break the player concentration, screenshake, flashing light, you know.

Is there a variety to your antagonist?

All in all, Great game! Thanks to your team!

 • 5 years ago • 

I really liked the graphics of this game ! The music and sfx is top notch ! And it's very well polished (the little story at th beginning, the UI, the keyboard and controller support changing the icons) !

The gameplay isn't the most riveting but it works pretty well. My only regret is that by the nature of the game your eyes are really focused on the moves you have to do, especially since you only have one hp, therefore you don't see the nice animations.

Great job, congrats !

 • 5 years ago • 

Excellent music and nice visuals too. The interactivity is suspect though.

The challenge doesn't seem to get any more difficult over time. Adding in more keys to press, increasing the speed and shortening the duration between keys are simple additions. Multiple lines of keys to worry about would be the next step. As it is, this is not a very compelling challenge due to rote repetition.

Originality and theme are not very strong either. An extra point for crocodiles/'gators, there should be more of those.

A functional project with some great parts and some not so great parts. Pay more attention to the interaction design next time, yes?

Overall: Average (5.0)
Graphics: Good (7.0)
Audio: Amazing (9.0)
Gameplay: Bad (3.0)
Originality: Below Average (4.0)
Theme: Below Average (4.0)

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