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I'm going to be busy tomorrow and I'll only have 2 to 3 hours before the end of the jam, so I've finished everything but audio!

(this is a large gif, so it may take a moment to load)

Time to get some much needed sleep. xD


I've finished the core of the game. I just have some extra features, polish, and audio to add. (and possibly settings)


I've mostly finished the combat! :D

The game looks pretty cool when screenshots are taken:

Also funny things happen if I don't cap the recoil:


I was a little ahead, of schedule (2 hours), so I finished more than I originally planned for today! ^-^

I added health, stamina, and dashing!


I reached my goal for today with ~2 hours of extra time!



I added the player! Although, I think I'll switch to mouse controls as keyboard controls will probably get people confused at first.


I'm going to make an isometric combat game. (realtime even though it's isometric)

Some drawings n stuff:

Some artwork I've already done:

I'll reveal how the game itself works (and uses the theme) in another post later.


To be clear, the laptop on the left is my computer. The main monitor is just hooked up via HDMI cable.

Also, it looks like some of my themes will make it to the shortlist. :D

EDIT: My theme Always Growing made it.


I'm also confused as to why it says top 25% if there's more than 25% of the themes left…