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Almost Done 2

DaFluffyPotato • 3 months ago 

I didn't have much time, but I managed to get this done in < 8 hours. I just have to do the audio now.

I'm pretty proud of the game design for once. I finally made "not a platformer" (while still making a platformer).

I'm in for my 18th game jam! 4

DaFluffyPotato • 3 months ago 

This will be my 9th Alakajam (I competed in 1 PyWeek and 8 Ludum Dares too).

I've been working on a new framework to help me quickly build well performing and scalable platformers, which I'm excited to possibly be using for this event. I've been using it to work on my largest project ever. \o/

I'll probably stream most of the jam on my YouTube channel (only the dev, not the ScoreSpace part) if anyone is interested.

Here's what I'll be using:

  • Python
  • Pygame
  • Aseprite / MSPaint
  • My Custom Platformer Framework
  • LMMS
  • SFXR / Microphone

Good Luck!

I'm getting close! 0

DaFluffyPotato • 6 months ago 

I've just got some levels to make, some polish to do, and a few simple mechanics to add. \o/

EDIT: I'm pretty much done. I've just got music and SFX left. Take a look at what it looks like after all the polish.

Explosions! \o/ 0

DaFluffyPotato • 6 months ago 

performance test:

End of Day 1 0

DaFluffyPotato • 6 months ago 

I'm quite a bit ahead of schedule at the moment.

I've made
and he has

Some Early Sketches 0

DaFluffyPotato • 6 months ago 

I'm doing something a bit ambitious this time and it's probably based more on the idea of falling than depth. I haven't written a single line of code yet. I've just got an idea and some sketches.

I'm in! 0

DaFluffyPotato • 7 months ago 

This will be my 8th Alakajam and my 17th (I think) game jam. Unlike my last two entries, I plan on putting all my effort in again. Historically, my "low effort" entries have done really well, but I think it was mostly a result of the type of design choices I made to fit those constraints. I'll be pulling another Lollipop Ninja / Whirling Blades / Spellcaster's Forest type of entry where I put in every bit of time I've got while likely losing sleep in the process.

Here's my last entry (which was made in 7 hours):

What I'm using:

I've done a ton of game jams now, so I decided to make a graph with all my Ludum Dare and Alakajam results. (Alakajam scores were halved to adapt the the LD's scale)

In the graph it definitely looks like I've plateaued in recent events, but all of my recent entries have been rather time restricted aside from my AKJ5 entry which had some serious design flaws. I hit an 8.0 (or 4.0 when scaled) overall for my last entry and I'm really hoping I can beat that. Every 0.1 you go past 4.0 gets exponentially harder though. 4.0 seems to be a pretty tough barrier to pass because of the way people rate things.

Good luck everyone!

I've Released my game Drawn Down Abyss! :D 2

DaFluffyPotato • 11 months ago 

Drawn Down Abyss is a roguelite platformer card game with a focus on action. I've been working on it for the last few months and I've finally released it. This project is part of why I couldn't spend much time on my AKJ7 entry.

Check it out on Itch and Steam! :D

I finished my game! 6

DaFluffyPotato • 11 months ago 

I've finished my entry. Unfortunately a bunch of stuff popped up this weekend and I ended up only spending about 7 hours on it. It still turned out decent though.

Try it here!

I've finished! 1

DaFluffyPotato • 1 year ago 

I was only able to put about 8 hours into development because my weekand has been (and still is) super busy. I'm pretty happy with how my game turned out though!

Play it here.

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