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I can't wait to try everyone's games. Let me know what type of game you made and I'll try it out!

Be sure to try out my game, Underpowered.
This was my first ever jam so I'd love feedback!


I can't believe we did it! It's been a long as hell weekend but it's also gone really quickly.
Extremely proud of the results of our first ever jam, will definitely do it again!

Please check out Underpowered and let me know what you think of the game!


First day was good although it felt like we spent most of it fighting with git!
Hopefully we can get finished in time tomorrow so that I can catch my flight to California!
Had good fun today though!

Here's our fully grown player sprite drawn by yours truly!
Go easy on me as I'm a programmer not an artist ^^


Been into game dev for almost a year now.
Been working on my second game Falling for Science for months now so will be refreshing to work on something else!

I'll be using Unity, Inkscape, Piskel and potentially Sketchbook pro