Ztuu 7 months ago on 4th Alakajam entry Fall for someone

So far with 12 ratings not one person has submitted a score for my game!

Scores are in the form of time taken to complete the game. so does this mean no one has completed it?
Fall for someone is a platformer inspired by games like super meat boy. I deliberately increased the difficulty a little bit from how I usually make games to make this one a challenge but it's not THAT hard!
Frequent checkpoints and instant respawns mean you can just keep going and going!

Josh McLean did manage to complete it on his stream so I've seen at least one person do it.

Come on guys, show me your best! I wanna see some scores on that leaderboard before the jam is done!

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7 months ago

I'd love to try, do you have a Linux build?

7 months ago

@tsjost Not currently but I could try and build one later when I'm home. I'll let you know if I manage but I won't be able to test it because I don't have a machine running linux :)

7 months ago

I still have to rate your entry, will make sure to post a high score!

Side note: it seems like most people forget about posting high scores unless the game is easy to finish + time/score is made obvious and big inside the game (like here).

7 months ago

@Wan I guess the timer is kind of small on the end screen. I'll think about that next time.
Thanks! :)

7 months ago

Just played it (the fixed version). Really nice what you can achieve in 5 hours!

As for the game, the falling down to the top of the screen is really original (even I did a game once), and really nice pixel perfect jumps with the main character not able to jump if standing on a ledge and a larger than necessary hitbox and some really nice level design.

Because of those things I gave up after spending minutes on one place, but with more polish this could become a good game. ^_^

7 months ago

@gt12345 Thanks for playing :) The game definitely needs a bit of polish but I like the idea and will probably continue to develop it!

7 months ago

One asks for Linux, I'll ask for Mac. I'm not going to rate games that I can't play!

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