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And I hope this time I'll spend less time in make engine & tools and making more gameplay :), but I think I'm gonna learn a lot again :D
As usual, I'll work with :

  • Haxe + Heaps framework
  • ASprite + TexturePacker for atlases (maybe some photoshop)
  • Not sure yet of what to do/use for Music & SFX… I'll try to put the minimum at least this time :D.

Good luck buddies!


Just a little note here to tell you I had a JS version of my "game" if you don't succeed to play it with the SWF version.
Thanks a lot for those who played, and those who will played it!


Hey buddies!
My entry is playable on Itch.io!
In my last jams, I usually manage well my time, but this, after a looong time without game jam, I completely mess my timing (too much time on doing my own library (but at least, they'll be done for the next time!), on the game physics and viewport, etc…).
Anyway, no more excuses, I'll do (much) better the next time!


Hey, Tipyx speaking here!

I'm glad to be in this new GameJam. I made some LudumDares, but I'm a little rusty on GameJaming, so it'll be a good exercice.

I'll be in using :

  • Haxe + Heaps for the code. Don't now yet if I'll export in flash, HTML (I never did that yet :o), or .exe… Guess I'll see ¯_(ツ)/¯ !
  • Aseprite and/or Photoshop, with TexturePacker for exporting the spritesheet.
  • Probably doing panic roll when it'll come the time to make some sound and music :D.

Good luck everyone!

P.S.: French here, sorry for the spelling mistakes :D