4th Alakajam theme is : Falling 1

Tipyx • 5 years ago on 4th Alakajam! 

The 4th Alakajam just started !

The top voted theme is "Falling".

About the submission…

You can submit in two different category :

  • Ranked : October 14th 7:00pm UTC, which means you have 48 hours!
  • Unranked : October 15th 9:00pm UTC, which means you have a bit more than 72 hours!

And of course, you have an additionnal hour for submitting your game, so use your fulltime for making a (great) game!

Around the jam…

  • Tell us your progress during the jam here with prototype, gif or game design document.
  • You can tweet about it with the #alakajam (and follow the Alakajam twitter account too!).

Don't forget to sleep, you'll be more efficient if you do :). And eat too!
And most importantly : have fun! !
There is only two ends, you'll succeed, or you'll learn!

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 • 5 years ago • 

let's fall for this!!!! ok, ok, i know where to go --->[] hf all!

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