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Tipyx • 9 months ago on 10th Alakajam! entry  Sailor Swift

My partner in crime ( @Titaninette ) and I are in!
It'll be a first time in the world of gamedev and game jam for her, so it'll be very interesting for both of us :)

We'll use :

  • Haxe for the code language
  • Heaps / LED / CastleDB for the framework and tools
  • Aseprite to expose to the world my "beautiful" pixel art
  • Probably Beepbox for the music
  • And BFXR for the blip bloop things.

Good lick to all of you! 👅

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 • 9 months ago • 

Woop woop Haxe and Heaps!

  • 9 months ago • 

@Aurel300 Yep, I'm back again to spread the good word :D

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