Sailor Swift

Will you bring all this sailors to their destination?

You need to bring these sailors to their destination!

For that, swap and rotate tiles!

Will you reach the 30 levels done with love?

It was the first game jam (and game !) of @Titaninette! Congrats and thanks to her to join me on this adventure <3

Sorry for the lack of sound!

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 • 3 years ago • 

I see ships. I see maps. I dont really see chaos.
This could be a really good mobile app.
Good job.

 • 3 years ago • 

Solid and enjoyable puzzle game! I spent a lot of time playing it!

The life mechanic (forcing a restart) seemed relatively harsh, considering the relatively time consuming puzzles, and large number of levels. If the objective was to preserve high score support, an alternative could be to let the timer run while the ships sail (and then revert if they do not make it all the way), in effect creating a time-penalty (i.e. score penalty) instead.

Since rotate and switch are different actions, I often accidentially switched a tile I had just rotated. For me, it would have been more intuitive that clicking on another tile after performing a rotate would select the new title instead, instead of switching it with the tile which was just rotated.

 • 3 years ago • 

A kind of rework of pipes problem, with ships (well, ships don't really stick to the mechanism, I fell).
A bit too complex for me, I ended trying random swaps to see if something fits…

Graphics are a bit too simple for me. You could at least have made the water blue, to help us think you believed in the theme ;)
Game controls are easy and clear, even if I had the same little problem as Somnium.

 • 3 years ago • 

Great little puzzler! I was worried at first that it would be trial-and-error, but there is really a fair amount of deduction possible based on which pieces connect with the start and destination locations, and it's very satisfying to see it all come together from there on. I'm impressed that you managed to create 30 levels!

Also, thank you for not adding a hard time limit. I don't like to make such puzzles under pressure :)

It would be nice if the ships and destination markers had different, matching, colours, to make it easier for coloursighted people to see at a glance what goes where.

Idle musing: I never had all the lines match up without also having the correct solution. I suspect that the ship numbers, and even the ships themselves, aren't strictly needed, although the puzzles would become a lot harder and more trial-and-error-like without them.

 • 3 years ago • 

It's amazing how you managed to create 30 levels in a single jam, and they are very well done too.

I also loved how the game went from "Oh, this is too easy" to "Oh no" in just 3 levels. Having a strong core mechanic it's what makes a good game.

The game also fits very well the three themes: It has maps, ships and the lasts levels were very chaotic.

But maybe there is too much chaos. Was hard to keep track of 6 ships at the same time because they were exactly the same. A bit of color coding here would have helped a lot.

Overrall, the game was great!

 • 3 years ago • 

This is a really simple but clever game, and although it seems easy at first I found it got difficult very quickly. The graphics are simple, but nothing more complex is needed, and sound is unnecessary, and I imagine creating sfx and music would reduce the time available to create levels etc.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that pausing by clicking away from the game allows the puzzle to be viewed without the timer going down, although it would only affect the integrity of the highscore table, and in no way degrades gameplay.

I like the way this game shows you don't need state of the art 3D graphics and audio etc in order to create an enjoyable, engaging game, which is comprised of a well-implemented idea which fits 2 of 3 themes (although one could argue the large quantity of lines makes the puzzle quite chaotic as well, so more like 2.5 themes).

 • 3 years ago • 

I love this! I had to stop playing early because it was really time for bed during level 22 or so, but I'll probably be back to post some sort of hi-score later :-)

(It's way too much to ask of a jam-game, but it makes me wish you could save your progress…)

How on earth did you manage to create this many levels during a 2 day jam anyway?

The difficulty is very manageable as long as you first take a look at the numbers of how many ships have entrances and exits, and try to place a tile that has that many (there are very few exceptions). I'm … not explaining that very well, but it helped me. The first tile is the hardest, usually the rest falls into place quickly after that, even on larger maps.

I like the extra affordances, like that you have a separate campaing mode and level choice and pause if clicked outside of the play area. (You have to be a bit careful with that last one though … you can still see the board when paused!)

I do have a couple of complaint-adjacent thoughts, nothing truly important, but you might like to know: I'm not a fan of time in puzzle-games, and the score system is basically that. I guess that's what the extra challenge is in the campaign mode? There's also no way to interrupt the green play button once pressed. I get why you did that (lives wouldn't make a lot of sense otherwise), but I thought I'd just mention it. Finally (and this maybe on me) is that I accidentally swapped tiles when I only wanted to rotate a lot. Maybe there's a UX way around that?

You may already know this, but adding sound-effects at least is really easy with generators like BFXR.

  • 3 years ago • 

@Somnium Thanks for the feedback. And yeah, the life mechanic is a rest of the first version of the game design. We left it, but to be honest, it doesn't have any interest, yep!
We know too there is a UX issue with the unselection after rotating, we'll fix that in the post-jam version.

@IronScorpion Thanks for the feedback, and the pause mechanic abuse :D!

@remco Ah ah ah, sorry to keep you late! About the levels @Titaninette work on it all the sunday afternoon to have a nice difficulty curve :).
We will rethink the score system, I'm not very fond of having a timer during puzzle, but it's a rest of the first gamedesign draft, so we keep it.
And for the sound, I'm aware of SFXR, but I didn't take the time to make them. Definitively block 2 hours next jam for sound and music!
Thanks for the feedbacks!

 • 3 years ago • 

A solid puzzle. Essentially a jigsaw puzzle with a little bit of connect the dots mixed in. Not a bad idea that.

Randomly swapping and rotating tiles works too well. This strategy could be disinsentivised with bigger levels and hints on how to proceed. For instance a few tiles could be fixed in place or some of the lines could be color coded to match one or more of the ships.

30 levels is a lot for a jam. I'd argue it is too much, actually! Concentrating on a single feature hampers the rest. In this case audio was cut entirely which has a negative impact on the overall feel of the project.

Despite these small issues, this is certainly competent work for a jam.

 • 3 years ago • 

This is fun little game. And at the same time super cool puzzle!
At first glance it seems simple, but actually quite challenging and fun
Also the thing you can lose is pretty cool
You even did level reset after losing.
I passed 15 levels, then tired a bit :(

Good job!

 • 3 years ago • 

Fascinating. To be honest, it seems doubtful to me on the first 1-3 levels. I was thinking it was not very intuitive and the ergonomy ( click to unselect after rotation ) was painful. But you get hooked pretty quickly as soon as you enter harder level, and I went to 30 without realizing it. If you want to make a postjam version please spend some time on a nice and short rotating animation, it will remove some confusion.
Also some levels was already solved on start. I guess you shoudl had a check after the shuffle.
And for leveldesign, even if I had fun this way, I think you could design more sasidstic puzzles where the intuitive solution is not the good one. Have a look at the excellent Stephen Sausage Roll for that.

Very good job !!!

  • 3 years ago • 

@benjamin Thanks for the feedbacks! Actually almost of them are already fixed in the post-jam version (which we are still polishing!), ah ah ah!

@DictorDro @HuvaaKoodia Thank you!

 • 3 years ago • 

OK my brain kinda melted once I understood how much combinations were possible due to tiles rotations…

I liked your visual design a lot: restricted palette and some aliasing, explicit icons. Very pleasing to learn and play with.

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