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Entry done! Youtube video done! Now on to IRL Adulting for the day! 0

TheGrumpyGameDev • 3 years ago 

with several hours left to go, got it did!

it aint much, but it is a complete game that is winnable and losable.

and i've got music!

In SPLORR!! ... You can Map Space ... But is it Chaotic Yet? 0

TheGrumpyGameDev • 3 years ago 

Got some early navigation stuff in last night before bed.

Yer a ship. You set yer heading and speed and move around space.

Space is filled with stars. Stars that need surveying.

To accomodate "chaos" I have wormholes, but not a completely clear way in which they will introduce the chaotic element. Likely by randomly teleporting you.!

I've got my publishing pipeline going, and an early snapshot of what it is on

ChaoticSpaceMappers of SPLORR!! 0

TheGrumpyGameDev • 3 years ago 

Ok. I'm in. I have a lot of adulting to do this weekend, but I'll have something up there.

It will be a console .net app written in F#.

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