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benjamin 4 months ago

Hello Everyone !

I'm trying to get some spare time for the Alakajam this week end.
I will probably use pico8, I haven't made a game with pico8 for a year, there are new features I need to study a bit, before the jam start !

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benjamin 1 year ago

I'm in for the Alakajam#3 !

I'm trying to revisit 7colors classic gameplay, adding some strategy depth.

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benjamin 2 years ago

Here's a sample for my core gameplay.
I suppose your goal will probably to build gold from random stuff you can find in the wood or buy at the market place.

I got the wrong theme ( space station ) 5

benjamin 2 years ago

I was busy with a boardgame party last night and descided to took a few time to check the theme, I had to view the video because I could not find the theme anywhere else and because I was short on time I just tried to jump on the theme anouncement with captions on ( no sound ) . When I saw the space sation theme I just closed everything and start to make plan for this theme.

I just realized now, that I have the wrong theme…Here's some mockup of my early game, and let's start again with the alchemy theme !! ^_^U

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