Make gold from leaves


You have 12 days to create gold from what you can find in the woods
Each day you will be able to work in one place. You can leave it anytime to go to next day.


[b]Shelter[/b] : This is your house when you can brew some potion and unload or load stuff from your wagon.
[b]Forest[/b] : A good place to gather basic ingredients in your wagon.
[b]Market[/b]: Here you can serve food to earn money or buy new recipes and items.


arrow keys : move around. ( leave screen to skip to next day )
w : activate objects
x : cancel action

Transmutation order

edit 27/09/2017 : [update] I added a bugfix for freeze when you try a recipe when you dont have all ingredients. It seems to fit the jam rules but I prefer post it here.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (36 entries).

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 • 6 years ago • 

A few seconds ago I left a comment pointing out what I think it's a bug but when I posted it the text changed to the instructions of another game I'm shook

I was saying that I really loved the art and tried to play the game before you edited the post with the instructions but I couldn't figure out what to do. Later I found out that if my shelf is full and I want to make a recipe that requires items from the shelf and the wagon the game freeze and I only can pause and reset it.

 • 6 years ago • 

I had the same issue as Nefertits, the game froze and I was forced to reset it.

 • 6 years ago • 

I figured out how to make gold in 8 days without having to go outside the shelter :X.

  • 6 years ago • 

@Satanos Oh… :( I was thinking I nerfed upgrade so you can't use it on amethyst… Didn't work I guess ?

 • 6 years ago • 

I just took the mushroom on the first day and boiled it again and again, and the last day the gem became gold yes.

 • 6 years ago • 

@benjamin Au fait j'ai vu que tu étais français tout comme moi XD. J'ai prévu de faire une review de quelques jeux de la Alakajam, dont du tien ;). Par contre ca va pas sortir tout de suite. On est censé faire comment pour l'or du coup ? Chopper la recette au marché ? Bonne continuation :)

 • 6 years ago • 

Was really excited to try the game but it seems to freeze after the "Day 1" message :(

 • 6 years ago • 

Amazing little game. The idea is very original. There are many different thinks to do.
It took some minutes to understand what to do but at the end, this is a really fun game :)
The sound fits the gameplay and the art is very good.

 • 6 years ago • 

Wow, this was a great game! The pixel art is great and the audio is also pretty good. Some music would be nice. The gameplay itself was great. It's a very unique idea. One major problem though, the game crashed when I used a recipe that needed an item from the cart and an item from the shelf. Other than that, it was an amazing game! :D

 • 6 years ago • 

Great pixel art and fun mechanic, was a bit disappointed i could not randomly try combinatons to see what happened though and had to get recipes, but that would probably make it too easy, (unless you randomised the combinations on each play). Also hit the bug where it freezes if i try a recipe i don't have ingredients for.

 • 6 years ago • 

Very well done pixel art, the use of the color sheme is awesome, a bit flashy but very nice, I like the gameplay too, but it's a bit hard at the beginning, the sound is great too but a bit too silent at moments

Good job :)

 • 6 years ago • 

That was pretty good game. Impressive what you can do in just 48 hours. Now I kinda feel bad about my own entry.
Still, I would change the gold mechanic. If the player does not know what exact thing he is working towards, he can't plan ahead. I was pretty lost with what to do, not because I did not understand how to play, but because I did not know how all the ingredients would help me make gold.
Do the running shows help me? Do I need the salt? Do I need more apples? I don't know, because I don't know how to make gold yet.
I think it is important to always give the player a clear goal he can work towards. It is on one hand motivating him on the other it is giving him guidance troughout the game.

 • 6 years ago • 

I don't have too much to say. Everyone on here is WAY better with words than I am. All I gotta say is: nice job, dude. Your games are really fun, and each one is pretty unique. ;-) ;-) ;-)

 • 6 years ago • 

Perfect graphics; no-fuzz, functional sounds (that's Pico for you!). Fun, challenging play; yet too random.

Managed to create gold on the 12th day, but to get there I had to restart the program multiple times until the shop finally had the cart upgrade. Then collecting resources, sorting inventory, selling 3 mushrooms at a time to make loads of dosh, buying every recipe until the right ones came up (more randomness!), repeating until all resources ready and spending the three last days fidling with the inventory system and brewing as neither the shelf upgrade or the cauldron had come up. Phew! Luck nearly ran out there…

(Ouch, I should have used transmutation instead of some of the recipes. That's what I get for not reading the instructions thoroughly.)

Apart from that the UI also has a few issues. There is no way to choose which item goes from the cart to the shelf, no way to trash items from the cart in the shelter, no way to trash items from the cart in the forest or the market either, no way to see the recipes without an empty cauldron. I think that is all.

Great work though. I always find things to moan about. It's what I do.

O 9, G 10, A 5, G 8, O 10, T 10

 • 6 years ago • 

Best and most complete piece I've played in this jam. I love the pixel art and how smooth it works in this game. The controlling is quite comfortable as well as the marketing system, the dialog system and how things fly around among different sections.

I tried wasted a few days to find out how things work around, so didn't made gold in the first time. It would be better if there was a recipe that can be checked anytime, so players can be focus on their decision making.

Great job!

 • 6 years ago • 

Oh and I think there is a mistake in the game controls description: it's z on my keyboard to make actions rather than w

 • 6 years ago • 

Cool game!

You managed to juggle a lot of different game elements, with each element feeling relevant both from a game mechanics and a theme point of view. The resource management in particular feels pretty deep. You are constantly prioritizing and making important decisions about what to do in a given day, and which ingredients to use, or not to use.

On the flip side, this also means that randomness elements feel like they have a pretty big impact on the game, especially since a lot of the game state is hidden. E.g. the availability of recipes, or being able to refer to known recipes without standing at the cauldron. It makes it harder to plan.

The graphics are both clear and charming, and effectively convey what is happening. I love how "kinetic" the interface feels, with the animations, and the items flying around as they are used.

Nice work!

Hunt ingredients,
Trade and mix, prioritize!
Time is running out!

 • 6 years ago • 

Very cute game! I included it in my Alakajam #1 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

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