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Alchemy And Appraisal
by HuvaaKoodia
Karma: 115 Unranked
You play as an alchemist, that transforms herself into different monsters by drinking their souls. You can mix different monster souls for a better result.
by Haoron
Karma: 107 Team
Explore substances, combine them, find recipes, talk to mighty deities, and more!
The Last Scholar
by Aurel300
Karma: 103 Solo
Fastfood == Alchemy
by KorbohneD
Karma: 103 Solo
Repair your spaceship and escape the dying space station
Redshirt's Escape
by Toboi, Antarctris
Karma: 102 Unranked
Prove you are worth becoming a licensed alchemist in this FPS-Puzzler.
Sil the Alchemist
by IDidGame
Karma: 102 Solo
A voxely Dungeon Crawler
But Where's The Gold?
by automatonvx
Karma: 101 Solo
Master the alchemical processes of The Hermetic Order of Alchemists!
The Hermetic Order of Alchemists
by Somnium
Karma: 101 Solo
Collect the gold and escape from the space station
by Tegu
Karma: 100 Unranked
Action Platformer
Al the Chemist
by DancingClownGames
Karma: 100 Team
text adventure
Day Off Work : The Adventure
by sorceress
Karma: 99 Solo
A game of robots, space and alchemy
Philosopher's Strike
by Wan, Thrainsa
Karma: 99 Team
You are a modern-day alchemist making potions!
Modern Alchemy
by dollarone, albertpaixao
Karma: 98 Team
You're are an up and coming alchemist in a futurisc cyberpunk world. You only dream to become one of those big corporate mega-billionaires and compete in this world of techno-magic.
Potion Shop Ultra HD Super XL
by Lokior, JustDuclaux, hellwarrior85, mimolton9
Karma: 97 Team
You are fresh out of academy alchemy adept. Now you must complete the final trial to prove your skills.
Alchemical trial
by Zeriver
Karma: 97 Solo
Bring out the Smart Alchemist within you and brew a bomb, with different elements and blow up the field. Aim is simple, Score the highest in a single blow!!
by mampee
Karma: 97 Solo
Gather ingredients for a love potion, then use the potion how you see fit!
To Brew A Love Potion...
by bradur
Karma: 96 Solo
Upgrade a kitty space station!
Cat Station Idle
by voidwaste, DoppleDanger
Karma: 96 Team
Puzzle game where you must unravel the secret formula for the destilation of the most relinquished item in the history of alchemy: the Philosopher's Stone.
The Six Keys to the Philosopher's Stone
by Filo
Karma: 94 Solo
In an attempt to find love, Liam turns to Alchemy to create the Potion of Love. The only thing is, Liam knows nothing about Alchemy... and Alchemy's a dangerous business!
One True Love: The Alchemy Between Us
by brainoidgames, HonestDan, Otixa
Karma: 93 Team