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Horde Arcade PixelArt Game with a fun button twist
by pablotomico, RubenOsorio
Karma: 88Team
Make gold from leaves
by benjamin
Karma: 84Solo
In an attempt to find love, Liam turns to Alchemy to create the Potion of Love. The only thing is, Liam knows nothing about Alchemy... and Alchemy's a dangerous business!
One True Love: The Alchemy Between Us
by brainoidgames, HonestDan, Otixa
Karma: 93Team
Explore substances, combine them, find recipes, talk to mighty deities, and more!
The Last Scholar
by Aurel300
Karma: 103Solo
An adventure about dealing with potions
The Wanderer
by Alvatross, fsegura, jaimuepe
Karma: 86Team
Frank is hiring!
Potions, Frankly
by Antti Haavikko
Karma: 79Solo
A semi-simple color mixing game. Make sure to satisfy your customers, buddy pal.
by Toffie
Karma: 82Solo
Master the alchemical processes of The Hermetic Order of Alchemists!
The Hermetic Order of Alchemists
by Somnium
Karma: 101Solo
Use your set of beakers to mix your ingredients in the right proportions and create magical artifacts!
by thomastc
Karma: 93Solo
Puzzle game where you must unravel the secret formula for the destilation of the most relinquished item in the history of alchemy: the Philosopher's Stone.
The Six Keys to the Philosopher's Stone
by Filo
Karma: 94Solo
You are an Alchemist that have been hired by the king to eradicate all the rats that have invaded his dungeon.
The Real Alchemist Job
by Call_in, Fresh Food, James_Deans_Jeans, Mills !, lorledeath
Karma: 91Team
A very short puzzle game
by Rakart
Karma: 88Solo
A game of robots, space and alchemy
Philosopher's Strike
by Wan, Thrainsa
Karma: 99Team
Fight blobs with potion-tipped arrows!
Alchemic Archer
by DaFluffyPotato
Karma: 76Solo
Metrodvania-Like about Flappy Beard the Alchemist
Flappy Beard
by rnlf
Karma: 81Solo
Compound is an increasingly hard symbol matching game.
by BenJoe72
Karma: 70Solo
Fastfood == Alchemy
by KorbohneD
Karma: 103Solo
Prove you are worth becoming a licensed alchemist in this FPS-Puzzler.
Sil the Alchemist
by IDidGame
Karma: 102Solo
You are a modern-day alchemist making potions!
Modern Alchemy
by dollarone, albertpaixao
Karma: 98Team
You play as an alchemist, that transforms herself into different monsters by drinking their souls. You can mix different monster souls for a better result.
by Haoron
Karma: 107Team