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James_Deans_Jeans • 5 years ago 

I'm back for my 4th Alakajam. Happy to see some familiar faces back again.
I'll be making a game in GameMaker Studio 2.
I'll be using Pixel Edit for art.
bfxr for sounds.

I think that's it.
Good luck everyone!

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James_Deans_Jeans • 5 years ago 

I'm in for my third Alakajam (feels like home around here). This time I've teamed with @dollarone, @kyle3wynn and @toasty. I'll be doing the art.
I expect I'll do all my work in Pyxel Edit but if the design calls for somthing hi-res I use Clip Studio, and anime studio or Spriter for bone rigged animation. Goodluck to all you jammers out there.

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James_Deans_Jeans • 6 years ago 

Going solo this jam.
I'll be using GameMaker and pyxel edit.

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