The Growth

FIght back the always growing growth and defend yourself agains invading monsters!

You are the mayor of a village located in the middle of a forest, and recently you have noticed some eerie creeper plants gradually getting closer and closer. One day a bunch of monsters attacked the village, eating your houses and punching your villagers. You decide that enough is enough and start recruiting farmers to uproot the creeper plants and soldiers to defend against the invaders. How long can you fight The Growth?

Use your mouse to recruit soldiers and farmers and build walls and towers to defend your village!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately we ran out if time while debugging some code issues and the game is nowhere near finished. We will however continue to battle against these challenges and hopefully put up a post-compo version ASAP - however we are busy tomorrow so jumping to the unranked category wouldn't help us.

Do play if you want and please do give feedback on the idea and the (excellent) music and art!

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 • 6 years ago • 

Unfortunately couldnt get the game to work? I would place a soldier and be unable to do anything nor place any more? although i liked the style you were going for, it was very nice and the cover art was lovely!

 • 6 years ago • 

I also couldn't play the game. I liked the music though. The harmonies and orchestration were very interesting and uplifting. Congratz!

 • 6 years ago • 

Similar experience. I buy a solder and a farmer, but they didn't do anything. The map didn't seem to respond to mouse at all. Then it said "Wood: NaN" and the buttons wouldn't depress anymore. Sorry!

But I agree that the cover art and music are lovely. :-)

Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • 6 years ago • 

Hey! I had the same issues here related by other people. Couldn't play the game ;(

 • 6 years ago • 

Clearly broken & unfinished, but I'd love to update my rating once it's simply fixed enough to be vaguely playable.

And then I'd enjoy trying a more complete post-compo version!

Anyway the art is pretty good, especially the environment pixel art. The music is good as well, I especially like the title card music that sets the tone for a melancholic survival game :)

 • 6 years ago • 

Looks nice, and the music is really good - very tense sounding. Unfortunately, I have encountered the same problems as others have mentioned, which render the game unplayable. Good on you for publishing it anyway.

  • 6 years ago • 

Hey, thanks for that. And thanks for comments everyone! As you all encountered, we didn't manage to get the game into a playable state. We are working on a post-jam version!

  • 6 years ago • 

Hi all, thanks for the comments and valiant attempts at playing our broken game. @dollarone and I hit a few killer bugs on the second day, which made it impossible to finish something playable.

That said our teammates ( @Kyle3wynn, @James_Deans_Jeans and @gsamaro) had already done a brilliant job of creating some beautiful sound effects, graphics and music, so we decided to:

  • upload the game as-is, so at the very least people can see the great work our teammates did;
  • finish the game for a post-compo version so their work is properly exposed and they get a nice portfolio version.

So watch this space and come play the post-compo version. Feel free to hammer the bad coding/gameplay in the ratings, but please be fair on the others, who worked hard and did a fine job :)

 • 6 years ago • 

Wood: Not a Number

Thanks, Sherlock….

Sure, bugs mixed with a tight deadline is a killer sometimes. I'm curious as to what type of bugs are we talking about here? Problems with the engine? Other technical issues? Human errors earlier in the project? Spaghetti code?

The audio-visuals are quite ok, but I tend not to rate incomplete entries.

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